Predoctoral Research

The mission of the Pre-doctoral Research Program at Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine is to shape the future of dental medicine and dental education through research; to educate students from diverse backgrounds about the importance of research in dental medicine; and to mentor students to make informed decisions about research career opportunities.

Program Structure

Because of its unique curriculum, the GSDM offers formal research training for credit to students. Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in their didactic and clinical courses are considered for research training. Students selected by Committee can participate in the program. The rotation is based on a five-day week as follows:

  • students dedicate two days for research training and three days for the Apex clinical assignment;
  • students dedicate three days for research training (30 hours per week) and two days for the Apex clinical assignment under the Intensive Research Elective Course (IREC).
  • students can do research on a voluntary basis and are expected to spend no less than 10 hours per week in research training. Advanced Standing students can start research during the second semester of their dental education.
The Intensive Research Elective Course (IREC)

The goal of the IREC is to provide intensive and structured research experience throughout the dental school curriculum for students who are interested in careers in oral health research. There will be three options to IREC:

  • IREC 1 – Intensive Research DMD year 1 (under APEX);
  • IREC 2 – Intensive Research DMD year 2 (2 credits);
  • IREC 3 – Intensive Research DMD year 3 (2 credits).

For more information on predoctoral research opportunities, please visit the Research website.