Notary Public Services

Student Affairs offers limited one-on-one, in-person notary services by appointment only. Notary services are free to current GSDM students and residents; there is a $5 fee per acknowledgement/jurat for GSDM faculty, staff, and alumni.

Student Affairs may not be able to notarize document(s) due to various reasons, restrictions, or limitations. The decision to notarize a document is solely at the discretion of the notary, and he/she reserves the right to refuse to notarize a document for any reason.

If you need a verification of enrollment, graduation or loan deferment, please click here.

Appointment Protocols

  • Only one person is allowed per scheduled appointment time.
  • DO NOT SIGN the document before you come to your notary appointment. The notary must see you in person, verify your identity, and sign and date the document.
  • You provide a valid, government-issued photo identification (e.g., state-issued driver’s license or identification card; US or foreign passport book or card; US military identification); your Boston University ID does not qualify.
  • You must provide original documents and copies when requesting copy certifications.
  • You cannot bring in a document that someone else has already signed and ask that it be notarized. The notary must see the person sign the document.
  • The notary is not responsible for the legality or accuracy of the document’s content.
  • The notary cannot offer any legal advice.

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