Food Access & Affordability

Massachusetts SNAP Program – updated food stamp program with income eligibility scale; for US citizens or permanent residents

BU Food Pantry – on-campus food pantry stocked with canned and boxed foods and basic personal hygiene products. Products offered are dependent on their availability, and funding.  Anonymous ordering available and donations accepted.

The Daily Table – grocery store in Dorchester and Roxbury

Fair Foods – provides $2 bags on groceries

Good and Cheap – free downloadable cookbook with recipes aimed at helping people prepare great meals on $4/day

Imperfect Foods –  affordable groceries and items, including fresh produce and pantry staples to delicious snacks

Terrier Meal Share – an initiative that gives students the opportunity to donate their unused guest meal swipes online to any undergraduate, graduate, or professional student in need at Boston University. Students experiencing food insecurity will be able to receive meals by contacting the Dean of Students’ office.

More Resources to Support Food Needs

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