Lauren Kehoe

Director of Administration and Finance

Lauren E. Kehoe, MA, is the Director of Administration and Finance of the Danielsen Institute and has worked at the clinic in one capacity or another for more than 20 years.  She holds a master’s degree in English literature from Boston University and nearly got a doctorate in English Renaissance tragedies and histories before she realized that a tragedy she could do something about was the inability of therapists to organize themselves. Having seen many clients through multiple transfers from clinician to clinician, she sees a definite connection between her literary studies of notions of the liminal and the administration of outpatient psychotherapy, and has co-authored a paper on the subject:
Kehoe, Lauren E., Sarah C. Hassen, & Steven J. Sandage (2016): Relational ecologies of psychotherapy: The influence of administrative attachment on therapeutic alliance, Psychodynamic Practice.

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