Kristen Hydinger

Research Fellow

Rev. Kristen Hydinger (she/her) is a research fellow at the Danielsen Institute. She has a Master of Divinity from Boston University and a Master of Arts (Sociology) from the University of Texas – Austin. She is an ordained Baptist minister and completed her first unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her research interests meet at the intersection of religion & spirituality, family, sexuality, and trauma. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to study these themes from the perspectives of theology, sociology, history, and psychology. Kristen is a coauthor of a 2017 study with Steve Sandage, Peter Jankowski, and Shelly Rambo on the impacts of penal substitutionary atonement theology on the adherent’s desire to reduce others’ suffering. She is currently working with other Danielsen colleagues on projects related to humility, moral injury, burnout, and resilience among religious leaders and therapists. As a minister, Kristen strives to be a spiritual presence to all regardless of their affiliation with any formal or organized religious group.

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