Humility in Religious Leaders

As part of a 16 study major research project on humility in leaders, we are investigating Humility in Religious Leaders. This research is funded by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.JTF-Logo-Primary-CMYKIn this three study project, we are testing our differentiation-based relational spirituality model among religious leaders, previously tested in nineteen published studies (Worthington & Sandage, 2015).  We seek answers to questions about (a) how humility (i.e., general, intellectual) is related to negative (e.g., narcissism and spiritual pathology) and positive (e.g., eudaimonic well-being) religious leader outcomes, and the mechanisms at play (e.g., differentiation of self, religious exploration); (b) whether humility profiles exist for religious leaders based on sophisticated psychological assessments (e.g., MMPI, Rorschach); (c) whether a clinician rating of humility is viable for future research; and (d) whether a group intervention for religious leaders will change humility and result in decreased negative (i.e., vulnerable narcissism, spiritual pathology) and positive (e.g., well-being, differentiation of self) outcomes over time.

Publications from this research:

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