Due to the high demand for our courses, the department of Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations hosts and monitors a waitlist every semester to accommodate students.

The waitlist courses are web-reg restricted, so students are not able to add themselves through the StudentLink. To be added to the waitlist, the student must fill out the form. This form is the only way to be added to the waitlist.

Students are added to vacancies based on seniority and need of the course. Students receive a confirmation email from the department once they have been added.

Depending on the needs of the semester, there may be other courses added and or removed to the waitlist.

All COM waitlist inquiries and requests are handled during normal business hours.

Please keep the following in mind when inquiring about waitlist courses:

  1. Any course not listed in the form does not have an active waitlist.
  2. Please continue to watch the StudentLink for any availability.
  3. In the College of Communication, registration is completed at the department level, please do not contact professors for enrollment preferences.
  4. Change of section is not a priority on the waitlist. However, you must fill out the waitlist for a change of section.
  5. Students must be compliant at the time of waitlist registration. If not, students are emailed and informed that they have three business days until the vacancy is given to the next student.
  6. Students must meet the prerequisites for the courses that have them.
  7. Students are not allowed to take prerequisites simultaneously with the course that requires them.
  8. Please note that we double-check the information you submit to the waitlist. We ask you to answer it honestly. Altering facts like your class year may and can impact your waitlist submission.

Registration for Fall 2021

  • CM 180 – Understanding Media
  • CM 313 – Corporate Communications
  • CM 321 – Mass Communication Research
  • CM 331 – Writing for Communication
  • CM 417 – Fundamentals of Creative Development
  • CM 420 – Ad Lab
  • CM 442 – Business Fundamentals For Public Relations
  • CM 443 – New Media and Public Relations
  • CM 473 – PR Lab
  • CM 481 – Media Law and Policy
  • CM 501 – Design Strategy & Software
  • CM 527 – Brand Experience Marketing
  • CM 529 – Advanced Design Strategy & Software

The waitlist will open on Monday, May 3, 2021. If you have any further questions or concerns, please e-mail mcadvpr@bu.edu.



  • Any course not listed above does not have an active waitlist. Please watch the StudentLink for availability.
  • Change of section in a course is NOT a priority.
  • Do not contact COM professors for enrollment in courses – this is done at the department level.


There are three different types of petitions: CAS focus, transfer credit, and study abroad. Any petitions without a syllabus is incomplete and cannot be reviewed.

Send your petitions to mcadvpr@bu.edu. Petitions can take up to two weeks to process.

In your explanation, please briefly state the course name and number that you would like to replace with or for another course.


Students must complete and pass COM CO 201 to declare a minor within the department.

The department of Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations offers the following minors:

* You cannot petition minor declarations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked students questions pertaining to the waitlist, petitions, and minor declarations.

  • How would I know if a course was added to my schedule? Students receive a registration confirmation email from the department.
  • I added myself to the waitlist, can you tell me where I am at on the waitlist? Students are never on a set place on the waitlist because we’re adding students based on class year.
  • How long do petitions take to process? Petitions can take up to two weeks to reach a finalized decision. Petitions have to be approved by the chair of the department and the undergraduate or graduate department.
  • How would I know when I am added to a waitlist course? Students receive an email confirmation once they have been enrolled.
  • Can I email the professor to be enrolled in the course? Registrations are completed at the department level, so professors do not have any agency over student enrollment.
  • The class is full but I really need the class, can I please be added to the class? Once a class is full, we physically cannot add extra seats. Course capacity is set by the college to provide the best teaching and learning experience for everyone involved.
  • I accidentally dropped a course from my schedule, can I be added back to the class? Once students drop courses from their schedules it is not a guarantee that they will be added back into that course. Students have to add themselves on the waitlist again.