Minor in Public Relations

The minor program in public relations is meant to help prepare undergraduate students for professional careers in myriad fields related to corporate, nonprofit, public affairs, and media-based communication, by incorporating theory, research, and practice to provide a deeper understanding of media relations, intercultural affairs, digital expression, ethics and crisis communication, and campaign strategy. The program is designed to offer an array of methodological and real-world based tactics for building complex messages and efforts on both an interpersonal and public scale.  


The minor in public relations requires 28 total credits.


(4 credits)

  • COM CO 201 Introduction to Communication Writing (prereq: WR 120 or transfer equivalent WR 13X) (can be taken by first-year students) (must be finished with a C or higher)

Required Courses

(8 credits)

  • COM CM 215 Principles and Practice of Public Relations
  • COM CM 331 Writing for Communication (prereq: CO 201)

Must take an additional 16 credits from this list:

  • COM CM 313 Corporate Communications (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 412 Consumer Insight and Account Planning (prereq: CM 217)
  • COM CM 441 Media Strategies and Management (prereq: CM 215 Principles and Practice of Public Relations and CM 331)
  • COM CM 442 Business Fundamentals for Public Relations (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 443 Digital Media and Public Relations (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 506 Governmental Public Affairs (prereq: CM 215; formerly CM 444)
  • COM CM 513 Investor Relations (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 519 Interactive Marketing Strategies (prereq: CM 215 or CM 217)
  • COM CM 522 Crisis Communication (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 524 Public Relations Career Development (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 525 Public Relations Ethics (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 526 Integrated Marketing Communication (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 530 Public Relations in Nonprofit Settings (prereq: CM 215)
  • COM CM 535 Political Campaigns (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 539 Health Campaigns (sophomore standing) 
  • COM CM 548 International PR (prereq: CM 215; formerly CM 448)
  • COM CM 580 PRLab (prereq: CM 215 and CM 331, junior standing)*
  • COM CM 581 PRLab E-Board (prereq: CM 215 and CM 331, consent of instructor)*

*Only 4 total credits of CM 580 and CM 581 can count for this requirement.