Auditing Courses

Effective June 1, 2015

For additional information, please see your individual school or college policy.

Undergraduate Students

The designation of “Audit” is a registration status used when students officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit.

Students may register for a class on an audit basis only when space is available and only with the permission of the instructor via a signed Permission to Audit a Course Form. Students who receive permission to audit a course are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assigned readings. Other requirements regarding participation are to be agreed upon by the student and instructor.

The last day to add courses with audit status or convert classes from credit to audit is the same date as the last day to add courses for credit.

No audited courses can be counted toward a degree.

Audited courses will be designated as AU on the transcript; however, failure to meet the requirements agreed upon by student and faculty can result in a student’s being officially withdrawn from the course at the instructor’s request, in which case the student will receive a mark of W on his or her transcript.

Audit courses are subject to full tuition and fees.

Graduate Students

An auditor is a student who attends a class to acquire knowledge, but not to earn credits or a grade. Audited courses do not count toward completing degree requirements. An auditor may not change his or her status after the fifth week of classes for standard courses. Auditors must attend classes regularly, complete assigned reading, and participate in discussions, but they are excused from examinations.

Auditors are admitted to a course on a space-available basis and in accordance with the rules of the school or college offering the course. Auditors are subject to the full tuition and fees of the course.