Minor in Media Science

The minor in Media Science provides undergraduate students with significant exposure to media theory and research, while also training students in how to create, distribute, and evaluate media messages in a strategic manner. By acquiring knowledge, skills, and proficiencies in these areas, students will be able to pursue careers in the following areas of strategic media content creation and media practices: media design and content creation, message development and dissemination, and analysis and evaluation. Students minoring in Media Science will also be able to pursue advanced academic study in the field of communication, with a particular focus on media effects and processes, health communication, political communication, marketing communication research, and media and message design and evaluation.


The minor in Media Science requires 28 total credits.


(4 credits)

  • COM CO 201 Introduction to Communication Writing (prereq: CAS WR 120 or transfer equivalent CAS WR 13X) (can be taken by first-year students) (must be finished with a C or higher)

Required Courses

(8 credits)

  • COM CM 180 Understanding Media 
  • COM CM 321 Communication Research Methods (prereq: COM CM 180, sophomore standing)

Must take an additional 16 credits from this list: 

  • COM CM 280 Persuasion Theory (prereq: COM CM 180, sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 331 Writing for Communication (prereq: COM CO 201)
  • COM CM 422 Advanced Communication Research Methods (prereq: COM CM 321)
  • COM CM 481 Media Law and Policy (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 501 Design Strategy and Software (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 514 Communication Technologies (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 526 Integrated Marketing Communication (prereq: COM CM 280)
  • COM CM 535 Political Campaigns (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 539 Health Campaigns (sophomore standing)
  • COM CM 555 Advanced Media Writing (prereq: COM CM 331)
  • COM CM 557 Media Effects (prereq: COM CM 180 and CM 321)