As you prepare to budget for your educational expenses, you will find some costs easier to predict than others. You will also need money for books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation. Here is a breakdown of billed and estimated expenses for the 2024/2025 academic year at BU.

Tuition, Fees and Estimated Living Expenses

Fall 2024/Spring 2025 academic year*
ItemPer semesterAcademic Year (2 semesters)
Housing & Food (estimate)$7,725$15,450
Personal (estimated)$1,646$3,292
Transportation (estimated)$560$1,120
Books & Supplies (estimated)$646.50$1,293
Fed. Loan Fees$104$208

Medical Insurance $3,401.00*

*Based on 24/25 rate for Basic plan.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees. This is the cost breakdown by semester and for one academic year in Boston. Students with a third semester of enrollment will have an additional semester of tuition and fees.

*Students in the MS in Television, MFA in Screenwriting, and MS in Media Ventures program will have a different cost breakdown for the semester(s) spent in Los Angeles. Los Angeles fees are set by the Study Abroad Office and can be found on their website.

Massachusetts law requires all students enrolled in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. Students who cannot demonstrate coverage under a qualifying medical insurance plan are required to purchase the University’s student health insurance plan, which is due and payable with your first-semester charges. For more information, see the Student Accounting Services website.

Cost of Attendance Calculator

Use tab key to advance. Based on tuition for 2024/2025.

  • Enter scholarship amount for one academic year. Not to exceed the cost of tuition and fees.

  • Enter assistantship stipend amount, if awarded.

  • Enter Unsubsidized Loan amount. (Maximum of $20,500 for 1 academic year)

  • For more information about this loan, click here. This loan is contingent on completing the FAFSA.
  • Enter waived health insurance amount.

  • For more information on BU Health insurance requirements see here.
  • Total cost including tuition, fees, estimated living expenses, and health insurance.

  • The net cost of attendance is the amount that you may borrow in educational loans. COM graduate students can look into options such as the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan or other private educational loan options.

    For eligibility requirements, interest rates, and more information on these loan options, click here.