Institute for the Study of Irish Culture

Directed Studies

Faculty affiliated with the Institute for the Study of Irish Culture may offer directed studies in the following subjects:

  • The Kennedys—the Making of a Dynasty
  • Violence in Twentieth Century Ireland: “The Troubles”
  • The Potato Famines and Irish Demographics
  • The Irish in Boston
  • Nationalism in Atlantic Perspective: Ireland and Irish America, 1798-1916
  • The Influence of Irish Women in the 19th Century
  • Irish Music
  • Irish Literature
    • Writing Modern Irish Identities
    • Irish Women Writers
    • Irish Poetry
      • Studies in Poetry: Seamus Heaney
      • Irish Poetry in the Shadow of Yeats
    • Irish Drama
      • Irish Drama in a Global Context
    • Irish Gothic
    • Thomas Moore: Irish Poet and Songwriter
    • Oscar Wilde
  • Irish Film
    • What’s Irish about Irish Film?

If you are interested in participating in such a study, please contact the chair of the Institute, Meg Tyler (