Conferences & Institutes

Each year, the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning invites scholars from around the world to explore a timely topic from an interdisciplinary perspective. Based on using an interdisciplinary approach for nearly fifty years at the College of General Studies, we know that exploring one topic from multiple perspectives generates a more comprehensive and deeper understanding, as it introduces both new information and modes of thinking. We encourage attendees across different academic disciplines to join us to share insights from their area of expertise and ensure a rich and productive discussion.

Upcoming Conferences

Envisioning Motherhood Studies: Past, Present, and Future, June 21-23, 2024.  This conference will be in person and online. Conference and submission details are posted below.

Proposal submissions for the conference should be submitted at IAMAS.  The IAMAS proposal submissions site is open.  Submit your proposal here.


2018 Annual Conference

Writing, the State, and the Rise of Neo-Nationalism: Historical Contexts and Contemporary Concerns

2017 Annual Conference

22nd Annual Dickens Symposium on Interdisciplinary Dickens

2015 Annual Conference

Poles Apart, Melting Together: Science & the Humanities Confront the Anthropocene

2014 Annual Conference

THATCamp New England: Humanities, Technology and Pedagogy

2013 Annual Conference

Teaching Globalization: Crossing Borders, Crossing Disciplines

Conference Sponsorships

  • 11th International Conference and Workshop on Lobster Biology & Management in 2017
  • New England Summer Conference on College Composition & Communication in 2017
  • Association for Authentic, Experimental and Evidence-Based Learning Northeast Regional Conference in 2015
  • Northeast Victorian Studies Association in 2013


Our summer institutes extend the unique CGS learning experience to alumni, parents, and the general public. Exploring a new topic each year, the summer institute draws on the expertise of CGS faculty, while also taking advantage of the rich history and culture of Boston. Participants learn through a series of interdisciplinary lectures, which are complemented by an experiential learning component—two hallmarks of the CGS teaching model.

2014 Summer Institute: Victorian Boston

2013 Summer Institute: The Irish in Boston

2012 Summer Institute: Baseball