Every year Boston-London Program students share their gap semester experiences us through the hashtag #My100Days. Over the years some of our students have used the gap semester to travel the world through programs and internships while others have taken some time to relax and explore before making the transition to the College of General Studies in the spring. Here are some of the amazing places our students have been to. 

A picture of a golden altar surrounded by flowers
After working in his hometown, Graham Rodes took a couple weeks off to visit Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam during his gap semester. He said, “Going to Asia was the first time that I left the continent. It was for me the first time I could step back from my personal bubble and view how I interact with other cultures, which was an amazing learning experience. I was opened up to a much more diverse way of thinking.”
A group of people, bundled up in warm coats and backpacks, look out an ice bank with a rainbow above it
Miles Jones went mountaineering in the Patagonia region in Southern Chile with the National Outdoor Leadership School. His trip consisted of 32 days mountaineering, 32 days kayaking, and a ten-day student expedition.
Chester Cheung climbed Mt. Fuji. Chester says, “We hit the trailhead at 7PM, hiked through the night, and reached the summit in 4.5 hours. You start to feel the elevation taking a toll on you after 10,000ft. The peak has a tundra climate so with the windchill, the temperature probably dropped below freezing so we slept in a small bathroom. We then woke up at 3:30 and saw the crack of dawn and later, the sun rise through a sea of clouds. The summit is far above the tree line so the terrain kind of looks like Mars up there.”
 Rilie Curd wearing scuba diving gear, about to jump off of a boat into the ocean
Rilie Curd spent three months doing a scuba diving course in Roatan, Honduras. She advises students, “I definitely recommend going abroad. I remember being back on campus for the spring semester thinking I would be behind, but it was all right because everyone has their own path. Even if you don’t go abroad, I would recommend doing something that you haven’t done before because it is exciting to try new things.” 
Emma Moneuse wearing a Boston University sweatshirt, with snow-capped mountains behind her
Emma Moneuse got ready for the Boston weather by hiking in the Swiss Alps during her gap semester.
Julia Kim in Greece, in front of the pillars of some ancient ruins
Julia Kim traveled through Europe during her gap semester.
Jayda and two friends with a green mountain and stone walls behind them
Jayda Bonnick went on a Spanish immersion trip throughout Latin America and visited Peru during her gap semester.
Matthew Fan on a glacier
Matthew Fan attempted glacier hiking for the first time in Iceland.
Six young people look out at the mountains and the sun setting behind them
Olivia Ellman went to Australia and studied with the School for Field Studies, studying the rainforest and then doing climate change research


Haleigh sitting next to a fountain with sculptures and a yellow building behind her
Haleigh Drew helped teach English to students at a school in Lower Saxony, Germany during her gap semester.