Every year Boston-London Program students share their gap semester experiences us through the hashtag #My100Days. Over the years students have used the gap semester to  take some time to relax, self-reflect and focus on their passions before making the transition to the College of General Studies in the spring. A gap semester can give you the space to try something new, reflect on your identity, pursue a hobby or a passion project, or just spend more time doing things that you love and enjoy. Here are some of our amazing students who used their gap semester to focus on personal enrichment.

Natalie continued to perform as a member of the Chinese Fairfax Dance Troupe, a troupe she performed with for 14 years of her life. She also took a boat course, visited friends, voted for the very first time, and visited her 31st country. She documented it all on Instagram on @myBUadventures. Read our Q&A with Natalie for more.
Yongxuan Li used her gap semester to work as a teaching assistant online, go hiking and explore the beauty of nature, and spend time at the dance studio and doing yoga. Yongxuan says the gap semester “gives me time to do things I really want to do.”
Eliza Clark spent her gap semester trying new activities like horseback riding. She says, “I’m glad I got to try new things while breaking the mold of the everyday life of a school nomad.”
Marisa Marino worked at an outdoor restaurant and enjoyed “the mental break BU allowed me to have in Florida, New Hampshire, and the Bahamas.”  
Matthew Dalton started taking aerial silks and hoop classes during his gap semester and found both to be “wildly painful and difficult at first.” By the end, “I’m spinning in the air doing all sorts of balances, inversions and climbs I never really thought I could do before.”
Emily Sojean Park spent her gap semester doing some photo shoots and working on her fashion blogger dreams.
Ericka Decklar snapped this photo of her skates with the caption, “dedicating more time to what I’ve always loved to do.”
Naomi Lee took an oil painting class in Taipei and documented foodie adventures on Instagram.