The Two-Year Program

During your two years at the College of General Studies, you’ll take the following courses:

  • Three humanities courses 
  • Three social sciences courses
  • Two rhetoric courses
  • Two natural science courses
  • Five to six elective courses toward your major

You’ll work with your academic advisor to determine course selection. All of the courses you take at CGS fulfill BU Hub general education requirements.

Year One

A map to your first two semesters at Boston University

Semester 1

Your first college semester will start at Boston University in January with classes in social science, humanities, and rhetoric. Our faculty teams coordinate the course material and supplement the courses with experiences outside the classroom—getting you face to face with the local culture, museums, art and history that the city has to offer. You’ll also start exploring your major right away, with one or more electives toward your major.

Semester 2

Your spring semester is followed by a six-week global learning experience in the summer. You will have the opportunity to live in South Kensington in the heart of London, studying with the same team of CGS faculty and students you had in Boston and earning 14 credits over six weeks. For those who prefer to continue their studies in Boston, you’ll take part in an immersive educational opportunity in the heart of New England. No matter where you choose to study, you’ll learn inside and outside the classroom—immersing yourself in performances, museums, trips to historical landmarks, and cultural outings.

Year Two

Deepen your interdisciplinary learning and declare a major — finishing off with a Capstone project

Semester Three

You’re halfway through the College of General Studies and starting your second year at BU with at least 32 credits finished, including an elective or two toward your major. In semester three, you’ll continue taking CGS courses and electives toward your major, fulfilling BU Hub requirements along the way.

Semester Four

In your last semester at CGS, you’ll take the finals for your CGS courses at the end of March. Then, you’ll launch into the Capstone experience—working with a team of five to six CGS classmates to write a 50-page research paper that solves a real-world problem. You’ll meet with your professors regularly during the month of April as you work on your paper—then make your case in an oral defense for your final grade.