WCC Publishes Missional Collaborations 2021: A Report from North America 

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at the Boston University School of Theology guided a year-long study on missional collaboration in North America to mark the Centenary of the International Missionary Council. The North American study was one of sixteen regional studies, most of which have been compiled together in one published volume for the 2022 General Assembly of the World Council of Churches. It is with great pleasure that the CGCM announces the publication, Hundred Years of Mission Cooperation, The Impact of the International Missionary Council: 1921-2021, edited by Risto Jukko, the head of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the WCC.  The North American report can be found in Chapter 17 of the volume and is also accessible on the CGCM Mission Study Process webpage: https://www.bu.edu/cgcm/imc/

The production of the report reflected the spirit of missional collaboration that underlay its findings.  The CGCM appreciates the leadership of its Director Dana L. Robert, who organized the study process and drafted the body of the report. Likewise, the CGCM celebrates the leadership of BU STH Ph.D. students Allison Kach, Morgan Crago, and Britta Meiers-Carlson, who planned and accompanied the study process. Ph.D. student Rev. Christopher Ney participated in the study process, and Rev. Kach and Rev. Meiers-Carlson contributed sections of the report.  Alumni contributors to the study process included Dr. Casely Essamuah, Dr. David Scott, Dr. Benjamin Hartley, Dr. Christopher James, Dr. David Restrick, Dr. Tyler Lenocker, and Bishop Ian Douglas. Thanks also go to Dr. Daryl Ireland and Dean Bryan Stone for their support. The Center for Global Christianity and Mission is hopeful that the North American report and its findings will be constructive and inspiring for the continued study of God’s mission in the world.

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