Global Mission in the Age of World Christianity

In May 2023, Yonsei University and the Saemoonan Church combined to host Dana Robert as she gave the special Underwood Lectures on Global Mission in the Age of World Christianity.

The lectures included, “Frontiers, or ‘to the Ends of the Earth’”, “Friendship in the Kingdom,” and “Fellowship: Living ‘As If.’”

Reporting on the lecture on “Fellowship: Living ‘As If,’ the United Graduate School of Theology and the Global Institute of Theology reported that “the central focus of the lecture was the importance of Christian Fellowship in our contemporary era. Dr. Robert drew upon the visionary perspective of Underwood, highlighting his notion of the unity of the Church. Underwood believed in fostering a sense of togetherness and collaboration among Christians, transcending geographic boundaries and denominational differences.”

Continuing, the report added, “In the context of our rapidly globalizing world and the emergence of World Christianity, Dr. Robert explored the implications of Underwood’s vision for the present-day Church. She emphasized the significance of nurturing fellowship as a means of strengthening and unifying the body of Christ, regardless of diverse cultural, social, and theological backgrounds.”

The lectures inspired a renewed sense of purpose and an awareness of the vital role attendees play in fostering fellowship within the Church, and highlighted the need to actively engage with believers worldwide, appreciating the rich diversity present in the global body of Christ.

In the age of World Christianity, where believers are connected like never before, the call to embrace Christian Fellowship becomes more relevant than ever. This lecture served as a catalyst for reflection and action, inspiring individuals to strive for unity, understanding, and collaboration as they participate in God’s mission in the world.

–Excerpted from the Global Institute of Theology