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The Global Young Peoples’ Convocation

The Global Young Peoples’ Convocation of the United Methodist Church was held from July 18 to July 22 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This gathering sought to bring together youth, young adults, and those who work with youth from around the global United Methodist connection in order to develop relationships across geographic and language barriers, legislate […]

Testimony and Fellowship

The East African Revival emphasized the so-called conversion experience, including an individual’s conviction of sin and experience of forgiveness. The revivalists asserted that evidence of one’s conversion would be – and had to be – discernable at both the personal level and the communal level. Daewon Moon (projected ’18) argues in his latest article that […]

Mennonite Brethren Historical Commission Award

An M.B. Studies Project Grant of $2,500 was awarded to Anicka Fast for her Ph.D. dissertation project: “Living in the same house: Contested ecclesial identity in the Mennonite and Mennonite Brethren missionary encounter in Congo, 1912–1989.” Like other sectors currently receiving attention (e.g., Mennonites and the Holocaust, Mennonites and Canadian “Indian Day Schools,” etc.), Anicka’s […]

Re-examining Missiology in the New France

Existing histories of the brief Franciscan Recollect mission to New France (1615–1629) tend either to overstate the assimilatory character of the Recollect missionary vision or to overlook their comprehensively political vision. Through a close re-reading of early Recollect sources in her Journal of Early Modern Christianity article, “Helping ‘our Canadian brothers’: Early Recollect Missiology as an […]

Sacred Children and Colonial Subsidies

Anicka Fast, CGCM student affiliate, recently published an article entitled “Sacred children and colonial subsidies: The missionary performance of racial separation in Belgian Congo, 1946-1959” in Missiology: An International Review. Below is the description of the article: While most Protestant missions in Belgian Congo gladly accepted the colonial state’s offer of educational subsidies in 1946, […]

Ministry in Bujumbura, Burundi

Daewon Moon, CGCM student affiliate and instructor at International Leadership University (ILU) located in Bujumbura, Burundi, was featured in Christian Today. Since 2014, Daewon and his wife Jeonghwa Park have been serving at ILU as missionaries. The articles gave detailed reports about various ministries including their teaching ministry, humanitarian project for pregnant women in the […]

African Humanist Theology

Derrick Muwina, CGCM student affiliate, successfully defended his dissertation. The dissertation develops an African humanist theology as a basis for concrete engagement with social problems (dehumanization, violence, and poverty) by drawing from Kenneth Kaunda’s concept of Christian humanism. Kaunda’s concept of Christian humanism is a valuable, multidimensional concept that, properly understood can serve as a […]

Architecture and Faith in China

In his most recent article on “The Action of Christian Buildings on their Chinese Environment,” Michel Chambon describes how Christian church structures in Fujian shape the faith of those who gather inside, as well as what they communicate to those who only peer at the buildings from outside. He argues that buildings are actors which make the […]