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Global Christianities: Perspectives, Methods, and Challenges

The University of Chicago hosted its second conference on Global Christianities on May 2, 2019. Dana L. Robert delivered the keynote address, “Mission Studies and Global Christianity.” The conference attracted scholars and students from many institutions, as other topics included “The Study of Global Christianity from a Post-Colonial Perspective,” and “Challenges, Concepts, and Prospects” for […]

Interpreting Campaign Posters

Riding around on the back of a motorcycle in 2009, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies Jeremy Menchik snapped photos of hundreds of Indonesian campaign posters. That number has now grown to over 10,000 images, which Menchik and his co-author Colm Fox have painstakingly coded and analyzed to […]

Material Cultures of Devotion in Early Modern Jesuit Missions

This roundtable will examine the functions of sacred objects in three very different Jesuit missions from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries – England, China, and Northeastern America – to compare the devotional, social, and sometimes political significance that sacred objects acquired in different geographical and cultural circumstances. The event will feature an exhibit of relics and […]

Moving Forward Together: Ecumenical Meeting

From 26 to 28 March 2019, the University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA) hosted representatives of the five Christian world communions formally associated with the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (JDDJ) to discuss implications of that landmark agreement in the context of growing closeness and collaboration between them. Church leaders came from the […]

New Book

Nimi Wariboko, the Walter G. Muelder Professor of Social Ethics, has recently published a new volume: Ethics and Society in Nigeria: Identity, History, Political Theory. This pathbreaking book constructs a socio-ethical identity of Nigeria that can advance its political development. Its method is based on the rediscovery of the practices and principles of emancipatory politics and a […]

Methodist Mission Bicentennial

April 8-10, Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church will sponsor a conference to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Methodist missions. The theme of the conference is “Answering the Call: Hearing God’s Voice in Methodist Mission Past, Present, and Future.” The event will celebrate Methodism’s mission heritage and look to the future of Methodist mission. It […]

What is Truth: Lenten Preaching Series

Pilate’s question to Jesus, “What is truth?” (John 18:38), resonates through the ages, as we each stand before God wrestling with questions of meaning and identity.  In our time, the idea of truth is under attack in new ways, challenging our coherence as a society and the witness of the church. This Lent, the annual […]