Author: Soojin Chung

The Bartolomé de Las Casas Conference

“Las Casas in Hemispheric American Perspective: II International Conference on Bartolomé de Las Casas.” July 15-16 (Monday-Tuesday), 2019 Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. The first International Conference, “Bartolomé de Las Casas, O.P.: History, Philosophy, and Theology in the Age of European Expansion,” held in 2016, was a landmark event for Lascasian scholarship. In response […]

Global Mission Summit 2018

Partnering with God: From the theological to the practical implications of answering God’s call to mission.    Ground your missional relationship in God’s Mission.   Hear and share stories of answering God’s call.   Learn and share in best practices on the ground.   Learn to invite others to join your partnership and spread the […]

Funding Sources and Philanthropic Priorities in Twentieth-Century American Mission

David Scott, BU alumnus and CGCM affiliate, recently published an article entitled “The Value of Money: Funding Sources and Philanthropic Priorities in Twentieth-Century American Mission” in Religions. Below is the description of the article: At the turn of the twentieth century, Western missionaries and mission organizations sought to develop financial strategies that would facilitate the […]

Sacred Children and Colonial Subsidies

Anicka Fast, CGCM student affiliate, recently published an article entitled “Sacred children and colonial subsidies: The missionary performance of racial separation in Belgian Congo, 1946-1959” in Missiology: An International Review. Below is the description of the article: While most Protestant missions in Belgian Congo gladly accepted the colonial state’s offer of educational subsidies in 1946, […]

Ministry in Bujumbura, Burundi

Daewon Moon, CGCM student affiliate and instructor at International Leadership University (ILU) located in Bujumbura, Burundi, was featured in Christian Today. Since 2014, Daewon and his wife Jeonghwa Park have been serving at ILU as missionaries. The articles gave detailed reports about various ministries including their teaching ministry, humanitarian project for pregnant women in the […]

MiMoRA: the Mission and Modernity Research Academy

At KU Leu­ven University (Belgium), a new initiative has been set up related to Mission Research and Mission History.  Researchers from several faculties have established the MiMoRA: the Mission and Modernity Research Academy. The aim of the program is to bring together expertise, to provide a forum for academ­ic debate and to create new networks for early […]