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The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in production management at Boston University College of Fine Arts aims to foster the production manager as a theatre artist: a collaborator and facilitator within the team; an innovator of the design and production process; and an orchestrator of a rehearsal and production environment that encourages creative exploration.

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At BU, graduate students in the production management program receive hands-on training, with a mix of both ongoing studio classes in design, production, and management and immersive laboratory course work as production managers and association productions on projects within the School of Theatre (SOT) performance season.

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With an average of four to six total students enrolled in the production management program, students are supported by close mentorship relationships with the SOT Management faculty and staff in both their studio and laboratory coursework as they enhance and broaden their skill sets.

Master the art and craft

BU’s MFA Production Management program aims to develop a complete theatre artist by fostering a passion for theatre, storytelling, management, and collaborative process. Students learn about the art and craft of production management while also learning how to be a full person who makes theatre. 

The diversity within the curriculum provides opportunities for students to gain experience in all areas of theatre-making that aid students in developing as well-rounded production managers. 

BU School of Theatre’s resources and spaces provide a variety of experiences for students that serve to foster artistic growth. 

And it doesn’t hurt that we’re located in Boston, a city filled with a vibrant theatre and arts community for students to explore.

Program of Study

BU’s production management program consists of a rigorous curriculum that combines theoretical and hands-on experience, providing ample opportunities for students to develop their unique voices as production managers and theatre artists. Production management students hone their personal philosophy of theatre artistry and management and explore their own innovative and collaborative creative process through mentored production assignments and hands-on study.

Students engage with current practices of design, production, and theatre management through associations with professional theatre organizations, the general arts community in Boston, School of Theatre alums, and a faculty of active theatre professionals.

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A theatre management option is available that joins the MFA production management curriculum with a graduate certificate program in arts administration at BU Metropolitan College.

Rhinoceros | Photo by Andrew Brilliant

Amputees | Photo by Andrew Brilliant

The Infinite Energy of Ada Lovelace | Photo by Jacob Chang-Rascle


The School of Theatre works in a variety of spaces and produces many types of shows of varying scale promoting flexibility and a well-rounded skill set through hands-on experience as a production manager and associate production manager.  

Hands-on study in our productions in venues ranging from 30-seat black box studios to the state-of-the-art dramatic arts complex, BU’s Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre, covering a variety of genres including plays (published and original), devised works, operas, and musicals.

BU Opera Institute produces two chamber operas and two large-venue operas every year in collaboration with SOT, providing students with exposure to the specificity of opera production management.

A faculty and staff of working theatre professionals mentor production management students in their studio and production coursework. There’s also a strong tradition of peer mentorship among students within the School of Theatre management community. Alums go on to become Production Managers at performing arts organizations and academic institutions.

Annie Kao and their internship with the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD)

BU’s MFA in Production Management challenges students to push boundaries and redefine the traditional role of the Production Manager. In their last year, students work on a thesis project that represents the culmination of their study.

Annie Kao (CFA’23), a recent graduate originally from Bangkok, Thailand, chose to do their thesis on the topic of disability justice and its application in the theatre industry.

New opportunities can be found everywhere

Annie Kao

Through their network and connections at BU, Annie secured an internship with the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD), an organization that specializes in accessibility across ages, ability, and culture.

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Going behind the curtain on Broadway with BU alums

From the cast – Alex Wyse (CFA’09), playing the role of Max Weinbaum, and John Zrodjeski (CFA’12), playing George Gershwin – to design, production, and management: David Lurie-Perret (CFA’01), Production Stage Manager; Ken Elliot (CFA’00), Associate Lighting Designer; Ana Rose Green (CFA’03), Production Manager; Jillian Oliver (CFA’06), Stage Manager; Greg Bird (CFA’14) Deck Automation; and Alex Brandwine (CFA’09), Advance Carpenter, eight Terriers brought the show to life.

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Faculty Professional Affiliations

Renee E. Yancey
  • Member, Actors’ Equity Association
  • Member, Production Manager’s Forum
  • Regional Representative – Greater Boston Area, Stage Managers’ Association
Johnny Kontogiannis
  • Member, Production Manager’s Forum
  • BU School of Theatre Production Manager


We celebrate the production manager as theater artist and vital member of the creative team and not someone who just does the budget, payroll, and labor.
-Renee E. Yancey, lecturer (management); academic coordinator for curriculum and assessment; and management programs head

Renee E Yancey

Meet BU’s Production Management Program Head

For Renee Yancey, being a production manager doesn’t mean sitting behind a desk in an office. The freelance Production Manager, AEA Stage Manager, and Management Lecturer at BU School of Theatre is a firm believer that stage managers and production managers are artists and part of the collaborative processes involved in a theatre production.

In CFA’s Faculty Feature series, Yancey talks with CFA about BU’s MFA Production Management and the various production opportunities available for students.

“There are only four universities in the U.S. where you can pursue an MFA in Production Management. We’re the program you attend if you’re interested in picking apart the process and focusing on the art of the production. This is where you learn to be a facilitator in the creative process, offering innovative ideas.

In the Q&A, Yancey expands on what it means to be a production manager- a theater maker, and the hub of communications for productions. “Students learn to speak the language of the designers, stage managers, performers, and directors. Each of these has a specialized language and they need to understand them all. They are the medium between and among all of the entire production’s staff.”

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Meet Our Graduates

Established in 2000, BU’s production management program sets our students for success. Our alumni can be seen working in every facet of theatre, film, television, and the entertainment world. 

  • Jane Casamajor (CFA’11), Production Manager, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • Jameson Croasdale (CFA’09), Technical Supervisor, Beacon Theatrical Services, NYC
  • Stephanie Elrod (CFA’20), Senior Producer – Live Production, LinkedIn, San Francisco, CA
  • Dana Knox (CFA’03), Manager for College Theatre & Director of the First-Year Arts Program, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Ricky A. Moats (CFA’21), Production Manager, Harris Theatre for Music and Dance, Chicago, IL
  • Jenn Ruygt (CFA’20), Production Manager, Aurora Theatre Company, Berkeley, CA
  • Lay Hoon Tan (CFA’10), Production Manager, Signature Theatre, NYC
  • Jo Williams (CFA’14), Production Manager, Tufts University, Medford, MA

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