Become a collaborator, innovator, and orchestrator.

Boston University’s three-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Production Management program challenges students to push boundaries and redefine the traditional role of the Production Manager.

Students graduating with an MFA in Production Management from BU learn to:
  • Utilize their LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT skills in personnel, finances, and scheduling to adapt to the specific needs of the people and the process
  • Clearly COMMUNICATE by speaking the languages of the actors, directors, designers, and production staff that are members of their team
  • Employ CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING to address challenges that arise in the process
  • FACILITATE a space that allows for creative exploration 
  • Draw upon their skills in TEAMWORK to build an inclusive community  
  • Engage and contribute as ARTFUL COLLABORATORS in support of the storytelling

The MFA in production management program provides developing theatre professionals with the opportunity to cultivate their artistic identities while refining and enhancing their craft. The program aims to foster the production manager as a theatre artist: a collaborator and facilitator within the team; an innovator of the design and production process; and an orchestrator of a rehearsal and production environment that encourages creative exploration.

At BU, production management students get hands-on experience as production managers and associate production managers in the School of Theatre‘s production season. Shows are held in a variety of unique spaces, including the state-of-the-art dramatic arts complex, BU’s Joan & Edgar Booth Theatre.

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Renee E Yancey

Meet BU’s Production Management Program Head

For Renee Yancey, being a production manager doesn’t mean sitting behind a desk in an office. The freelance Production Manager, AEA Stage Manager, and Management Lecturer at BU School of Theatre is a firm believer that stage managers and production managers are artists and part of the collaborative processes involved in a theatre production.

In CFA’s Faculty Feature series, Yancey talks with CFA about BU’s three-year MFA Production Management and the various production opportunities available for students.

“Students will work as production managers or associate production managers on one or two shows during their third year. Shows can be from BU Opera Institute‘s Fringe Festival which operates on a fast timeline with smaller budgets and a close team of collaborators to large shows in BU’s Booth Theatre or in the big proscenium houses in downtown Boston. They work in a range of production experiences.

Yancey adds that as students develop their artistic and management interests in particular areas, from new work to opera, they are then matched to those areas. “We can individualize their production experiences to match their particular goals.”

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