Add/Drop Form

Use this form to add and drop courses, or change a class section. To do so, you will need to have the professor of the section you would like to enroll in sign off on this form, indicating that they permit you to enroll in their section. You can then bring the form to the Registrar’s Office where it will be manually added to your schedule.

Permission to Audit a Course Form

The designation of “Audit” is a registration status used when students officially register for a class without earning a letter grade or credit.

Students may register for a class on an audit basis only when space is available and only with the permission of the instructor via a signed form. Students who receive permission to audit a course are expected to attend classes regularly and complete assigned readings. Other requirements regarding participation are to be agreed upon by the student and instructor. Please note, the last day to add courses with audit status or convert classes from credit to audit is the same date as the last day to add courses for credit.

CAS Intent to Graduate

This form is required to officially apply for graduation. We recommend filling out this form one year prior to your intended graduation date. Please do not submit this form more than once. If you need to make any changes to your original submission, email your graduation advisor or

CAS Instructor Report for Academic Misconduct

This form applies only to CAS Instructors. Instructors who have evidence of academic misconduct in their course will need to report the incident in this form.

Instructor Report Form for Undergraduate Student of Concern 

This form applies only to CAS Instructors. Please use this form to report any concerns you have about a student’s performance, attendance, well-being and/or behavior in your class.

Course Overload Fee Waiver

This overload form is for CAS students only.

Incomplete Grade Report 

Students and instructors should complete this form (together) to designate a course incomplete. The form must then be submitted to the CAS Advising Office. Please note, all work for the reported incomplete will need to be completed by the date assigned, which must be within one calendar year of the end of the semester for which the incomplete grade is reported. 

Major Declaration

This form is for current CAS students only. Fill out this form if you wish to make any changes to your major designation(s).

IMPORTANT: Major and minor changes made at this time will be reflected in MyBU Student for the Fall 2024 semester.  While major additions will be processed within 7 business days, major removals will be processed by June for the Fall semester.  *If you are graduating in May or August 2024, all major updates will be processed as usual 

Minor Declaration

This form is for current CAS students only. Fill out this form if you wish to make any changes to your minor designation(s).

IMPORTANT: Major and minor changes made at this time will be reflected in MyBU Student for the Fall 2024 semester.  While minor additions will be processed within 7 business days, minor removals will be processed by June for the Fall semester.  *If you are graduating in May or August 2024, all minor updates will be processed as usual 

International Relations Major Track Declaration

This form is for current CAS students majoring in International Relations. Fill out this form to declare or make changes to your Functional Track and/or Regional Track. Please note, as an International Relations Major, you will need to declare both a Functional Track and Regional Track.

If you are unsure of which track(s) to choose, please reference the Bulletin. If you need further assistance choosing your track(s), please contact the Pardee School directly at

Part-Time Status Petition

Important: This form will reopen for submission the first week of June for the Fall 2024 semester.

Request for Second Language Proficiency Evaluation

Students who are native speakers of, or have substantial knowledge of, a language other than English may meet the CAS Second Language Requirement by demonstrating appropriate proficiency, as determined by the College, in all skills relevant to the comprehension and production of that particular language.  Except in the special cases, (e.g., American Sign Language) proficiency testing includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Once you complete this form, a language advisor will review the information provided. They will determine whether:

·      you can be considered proficient based solely on your background

·      you are eligible to be referred for proficiency testing

·      you should be referred to an appropriate language course to fulfill the requirement

The College of Arts & Sciences partners with Language Testing International (LTI) for proficiency testing.  If you are deemed eligible for proficiency testing, you will be referred to a test through LTI by one of our language advisors.  They will provide you with more information about how and when you can arrange for a test.  Please note that proficiency testing through LTI ranges in cost from $105 – 165, which includes a remote proctoring fee.  

Transfer Course Pre-Screen Request

Please note, this form is for CAS students only. If you are not a current CAS student, do not fill out this form, as will not be processed. Instead, contact your home school to inquire about the transfer credit process.

If you are a CAS student, fill out this form if you plan on taking courses at another accredited, degree-granting college, community college, or university in the United States and would like us to pre-screen your courses to see if they have already been approved for BU credit. Note, you can access the database that lists transfer courses that have previously transferred into Boston University, here. If you choose to check the database yourself, please still fill out this pre-screen form so that we can put the equivalency approval on file for you. 

If a course or courses you are interested in taking has not been approved for BU credit, you will need to fill out and submit a Transfer Course Equivalency Form to the department that best corresponds with the course material (for example, you should submit a calculus course to the Mathematics and Statistics Department), and the department will review and equate the course for you. The completed, approved form can then be submitted to the CAS Advising Office located at 100 Bay State Rd in room 401, where we will put it on file for you. Please note, transfer course equivalency forms for language courses should be submitted to the CAS Advising Office for review by the CAS Language Advisor. 

Official transfer credit policies are available here.


Pass/Fail Policy

Students seeking to make a course Pass/Fail must do so within the same semester they are enrolled in the course. The pass/fail deadline will always be the same date as the last day to drop a course with a ‘W’ grade. In order to designate a class Pass/Fail, students must do so through their home school. CAS students should attend a Pass/Fail Info Session to learn more about the process and receive the Pass/Fail form.

Note, if you designate a class Pass/Fail, it may not fulfill major, minor, or CAS language requirements and will only count as elective credit. Courses designated Pass/Fail may fulfill Hub requirements. You may designate only one class Pass/Fail per semester, and a total of two courses for the entirety of your undergraduate career at BU. The official pass/fail policy can be found here.

Intra-University Transfer Process

Students seeking to transfer into CAS must attend our virtual drop-in advising hours. You can gain access to drop-in advising days/hours by emailing with the Subject Line  “Drop-In Advising” and explain the nature of your inquiry. More information on the Intra-University Transfer Process can be found here. Once you are certain that you would like to transfer into CAS, please fill out the official Intra-University Transfer application here. Please note, if you are a Freshman or transfer student, your application will not be reviewed until after your first semester at BU. 

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Guidelines

A leave of absence (LOA) is when a student decides to spend a semester or more away from the University, but is still considered a student.   This decision can be made due to many circumstances, but it is important that a leave of absence is officially recorded with the University, as opposed to just not registering for courses or stopping attendance during a given semester. A student is limited to four leaves of absence total during their time as an undergraduate student at BU. The first step to take a leave of absence, or to return from a leave of absence, is to meet with the University Service Center. More information on the process is available on their website. Their office can be reached at 617-353-1818 or

Directed Study

A Directed Study is a CAS course in which a student pursues independent research under the guidance of a CAS faculty member. A student may choose to undertake a Directed Study for the following reasons: 1) to pursue in depth an area covered more generally in a course, or 2) to explore a topic not normally covered in the curriculum. Students should consult with their supervising faculty member to design a clear, explicit plan for the completion of the directed study course including supervision, research materials, and assignments. More information on pursuing a Directed Study is available here.

Dual Degree Program

If you are interested in pursuing majors in more than one school, you will need to apply to the Dual Degree Program. You can access all of the information and policies related to the program here. To apply, you are required to meet with advisors in both schools, meet gateway course and GPA requirements, and submit an application for the program.  You can submit your application for the Dual Degree Program after the successful completion of your freshman year.  Once you are enrolled in the program, you will complete the degree requirements of both schools. If you successfully complete the program, you will earn two Bachelor’s degrees.

Interested students must begin the process with their home school. If you are a CAS student, please contact CAS Dual Degree Coordinator, Sarah Niles, at

Independent Major

The independent major allows a student to design an interdisciplinary course of study within the College of Arts & Sciences that is uniquely suited to their interests and goals. Formed with the advice and approval of appropriate faculty and the program coordinator, an independent major comprises at least ten upper-level courses chosen from a minimum of three College departments, with no more than four courses in a single department. The student’s course of study should demonstrate a level of focus and depth comparable to a departmental major or minor. For more information, contact CAS Academic Advising.

CAS Academic Advising
Kerry A. Buglio, Assistant Dean for Advising & Academic Services

(617) 353-2400