The College expects that all students are enrolled full-time. Full-time status at the College of Arts & Sciences means that a student is enrolled in at least 12 credit hours (three 4-credit courses or equivalent). Enrollment for less than 12 credit hours requires approval by the College through the use of this petition form.

Petitions for part-time status will only be granted with the following considerations:

– Students may apply for part-time approval during the first four weeks of the semester.

– Part-time status is usually granted for only one semester during a student’s enrollment at the College of Arts & Sciences. Only in unusual circumstances will a second petition be granted.

– International Students: Please consult with an Academic Advisor in CAS Academic Advising (617-353-2400), as well as the International Student and Scholars office at 888 Commonwealth Ave, (617-353-3565) before submitting this form.