Bachelor of Arts Degree Overview

Foundational Skills

General Education Breadth


Majors and Minors (including foreign languages offered)

    Program Degree Options
    African American Studies minor
    African Studies minor
    African Languages & Literatures minor
    Amharic beginning–advanced courses
    Hausa beginning–advanced courses
    Igbo beginning–advanced courses
    Kiswahili (Swahili) beginning–advanced courses
    Wolof beginning–advanced courses
    isiXhosa beginning–advanced courses
    isiZulu beginning–advanced courses
    American Studies BA, minor
    Anthropology BA, minor
    Anthropology & Religion BA
    Medical Anthropology minor
    Archaeology BA, minor
    Arts Leadership minor
    Asian Studies major
    East Asian Studies minor
    Astronomy BA, minor
    Astronomy & Physics BA
    Astrophysics & Space Physics BA/MA
    Geophysics & Planetary Sciences BA
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology BA
    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Biotechnology BA/MA
    Biology BA, minor
    Behavioral Biology Specialization BA
    Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics Specialization BA
    Ecology & Conservation Biology Specialization BA
    Neurobiology Specialization BA
    Quantitative Biology Specialization BA
    Business Administration & Management minor
    Chemistry BA, BA/MA, minor
    Chemistry: Biochemistry BA
    Teaching of Chemistry BA
    Cinema & Media Studies BA, minor
    Classical Studies BA/MA
    Ancient Greek BA, minor
    Ancient Greek & Latin BA
    Classical Civilization BA, minor
    Classics & Philosophy BA
    Classics & Religion BA
    Latin BA, minor
    Modern Greek minor
    Myth Studies minor
    Communication minor
    Computer Science BA, BA/MS, minor
    Dance minor
    Earth & Environment
    Earth Sciences BA, BA/MA, minor
    Environmental Analysis & Policy BA, minor
    Energy & Environmental Analysis BA/MA
    Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS BA/MA
    Environmental Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) BA/MA, minor
    Environmental Science BA, minor
    Energy & Environmental Analysis BA/MA
    Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS BA/MA
    Geophysics & Planetary Sciences BA
    Geography minor
    Human Geography Specialization BA
    Physical Geography Specialization BA
    Sustainable Energy minor
    Economics BA, BA/MA, minor
    Economics & Mathematics BA
    Economics & Mathematics/Economics BA/MA
    Editorial Studies undergraduate courses
    Education minors
    Engineering Science minor
    English BA, minor
    European Studies BAminor
    Film & Television minor
    History BA, minor
    History of Art & Architecture BA, minor
    Architectural Studies BA
    Hospitality Administration minor
    Human Physiology minor
    Independent Major BA
    International Relations BA, minor
    Jewish Studies minor
    Journalism minor
    Latin American Studies BAminor
    Linguistics BAminor
    French & Linguistics BA
    Italian & Linguistics BA
    Japanese & Linguistics BA
    Linguistics & Philosophy BA
    Spanish & Linguistics BA
    Marine Science BA, minor
    Mathematics (includes Statistics) BA, BA/MA, minors
    Mathematics & Computer Science BA
    Mathematics & Mathematics Education BA
    Mathematics & Philosophy BA
    Economics & Mathematics/Economics BA/MA
    Medieval Studies minor
    Middle East & North Africa Studies BA
    Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
    Arabic minor
    Chinese Language & Literature BA
    Chinese minor
    Comparative Literature BA, minor
    German Language & Literature BA
    German minor
    Hebrew minor
    Hindi-Urdu beginning–advanced courses
    Japanese Language & Literature BA, minor
    Japanese & Linguistics BA
    Korean minor
    Persian (Farsi) beginning–advanced courses
    Russian Language & Literature BA
    Russian minor
    Turkish beginning–advanced courses
    Music BA, minors
    Muslim Studies minors
    Muslim Cultures minor
    Muslim Societies minor
    Neuroscience BA
    Philosophy BA, BA/MA, minor
    Classics & Philosophy BA
    Linguistics & Philosophy BA
    Mathematics & Philosophy BA
    Philosophy & Physics BA
    Philosophy & Political Science BA
    Philosophy & Psychology BA
    Philosophy & Religion BA
    Physics BA, BA/MA, minor
    Political Science BA, BA/MA, minor
    Psychological & Brain Sciences
    Psychology BA, minor
    Public Health minor
    Religion BA, minor
    Romance Studies
    French Studies BA
    French minor
    French & Linguistics BA
    French Studies/French Language & Literature BA/MA
    Italian Studies BA
    Italian minor
    Italian & Linguistics BA
    Portuguese beginning–advanced courses
    Hispanic Language & Literatures BA, BA/MA
    Spanish minor
    Spanish & Linguistics BA
    Sociology BA, minor
    Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences minor
    Theatre Arts minor
    Visual Arts minor
    Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies minor

    Special Programs