Welcome to CAS Undeclared Advising!

As an undeclared student at Boston University, you have yet to decide on a major to pursue – and that’s great! Whether you are deciding between two majors or you do not know what you’d like to study, an undeclared academic advisor will assist you throughout the process. If you are in your first year, this advisor will also help you through your transition to college. Please see our First-Year Advising page for more information on this advising role.

Your undeclared academic advisor will:

  • Provide an individualized advising experience
  • Identify your interests, skills, and goals
  • Understand the value of a liberal arts degree
  • Explore academic and co-curricular opportunities 
  • Plan and register for courses to explore potential majors
  • Build long term plans that integrate potential majors, the Hub, and other degree requirements
  • Connect with other offices and support systems on campus