BU students grow inside the classroom—and outside its walls.

Your gift can ensure that students find a wealth of paths to explore, both for fun and for personal development.

In student-run clubs and organizations, community service projects, artistic and cultural pursuits, campus-based religious and spiritually oriented groups, and athletic teams, students learn to set strategy, build effective teams, and organize and run events. And in the process they have fun, develop their values, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Our student organizations are largely funded through BU’s annual operating budget. The creation of an endowed Undergraduate Student Experience Fund will ensure that, even in lean budget years, students can continue to dream big and pursue good ideas—and that no program’s positive impact will be curtailed.

There are many ways to enhance student life at BU:

  • Support your favorite athletic team
  • Donate to the endowed Student Experience Fund
  • Support the Community Service Center Annual Fund
  • Designate your annual gift to your favorite school or college—it will be used as needed to support student organizations, community service projects, and other student life programs