What’s your passion?

Whatever cause, project, or cohort you’re looking to support, Boston University has a giving opportunity to match. Better still, by endowing your gift, you can make an investment that lasts forever.


Endowed gifts are invested directly, with the generated income used to fund whatever the donors specify. This means that the principal gift is never touched but continues to generate income in perpetuity.

For this reason, many donors elect to name endowments: to honor a family member, life-changing professor, or other mentor; to preserve the name of their family foundation; or to create a personal legacy.

An individual’s life span is limited, but a university endures for countless generations and hundreds of years, and the endowment helps provide for the students, faculty, and facilities of the future.

In a nutshell, an endowed gift:

  • Gives the University flexibility and freedom to embark on new disciplines and to offer prestige and recognition to benefactors and beneficiaries
  • Ensures regular funding levels for University departments, programs, and operations
  • Helps keep tuition affordable by providing needed financial aid
  • Gives donors an opportunity to create a legacy or honor a loved one and support people and programs at BU in perpetuity

Endowment opportunities

Deanship $6 million
Incremental professorship (new position) $5 million
Coachship $3 million
Professorship (existing faculty position) $3 million
Career Development Professorship
(junior faculty support for three-year term)
$2 million
Visiting professorship $1 million
Librarianship $1 million
Full-tuition scholarship $1 million
Lectureship fund $100,000
Fellowship fund $100,000
Scholarship fund $100,000