Who gives

From alumni to parents to faculty and beyond, the University has many generous supporters, and we are grateful for every one. Meet the people who help BU grow.

Boston University is constantly seeking ways to enhance the educational experience for its students, opportunities for its faculty and staff, and its presence in the city. Our donors help us do all that and more.

Some donors give large amounts, others small; some of our most loyal supporters choose instead to give of themselves, by volunteering, mentoring, or building connections with other parts of the BU community. People give for many different reasons, as their stories show. Alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff, volunteers—all do their part, and we are pleased to recognize them here.

We gratefully recognize the leadership donors who have given $10,000 or more, cumulatively, since the launch of the first-ever Campaign for Boston University. Those whose lifetime giving reaches $1 million or more are inducted into the William Fairfield Warren Society, named for BU’s visionary first president.

We are also grateful for our annual donors, including the many alumni, parents, and friends who contribute. We are delighted to honor those who make consistent annual gifts by welcoming them to the Loyalty Society—and, for those extraordinary donors who have given every year since graduation, the Loyal Circle. Donors who give $1,000 or more in a fiscal year become members of the 1839 Society. And those who inform BU that they have included the University in their estate planning become members of the Claflin Society.

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