In a remarkably short time—less than 50 years—BU has taken its place in the ranks of the world’s great research universities.

Your gift can sustain and build momentum in this critical area.

How will we build momentum? By supporting and building our world-class faculty. This means more endowed professorships, career development professorships, visiting professorships, and fellowships for deserving doctoral students.

It also means providing research support for people thinking and working “outside the box” and facilitating collaborations across international boundaries. In today’s world, a biologist and an engineer working together—from starting points anywhere in the world—are more likely to tackle and solve pressing problems than they would be working alone.

BU’s recent remarkable successes in interdisciplinary realms like infectious diseases, neuroscience, bioinformatics, and biomedical engineering point the way. With continued support, we can build upon these successes and generate new ideas in fields across the University.

There are many ways to build knowledge at BU:

  • Endow a professorship in an area of study that’s meaningful to you
  • Create a career development professorship to provide a rotating three-year appointment that helps junior faculty members kick-start their research careers
  • Support a visiting professorship to bring great minds to BU for a temporary term to share their knowledge
  • Support fellowships for deserving doctoral students, whose energy and fresh ideas help strengthen both existing and new areas of inquiry
  • Support a specific research project that matters to you or advances the agenda of your corporation or foundation
  • Designate your annual gift to your favorite school or college—it will be used as needed to support research, conference fees, travel stipends, and more