Posted March 2023

Over the past few decades, women have broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings in many fields, including business, politics, academia, STEM, and the arts. Women are increasingly starting businesses and pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, and this trend not only empowers women to pursue their passions, but also helps to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

BU alumnae have always been at the forefront of women’s career advancement, and the webinars below feature invaluable professional advice from some of our most insightful alums:

Rock your career at the highest level

Women are in greater positions of power than ever before, but success always comes with struggle. Author and leadership coach Kathy Caprino (CAS’82) shares her insights and strategies to help women take the reins and achieve their most thrilling visions of impact, reward, and influence by using their core strengths of bravery and power.

Change your work one word at a time

Words matter. And language is leadership. These are two of the defining principles that Amber Nelson (COM’94) uses in her work as President and Chief Consultant at The Lingo Institute, to help women achieve their professional goals through the power of words. Whether you’re an executive at the top, currently looking for work, or trying to make the best of a difficult employment situation, you have the ability to transform your own self-perception and even your workplace culture by transforming the words you use to define your experience.

Advocate for what you’re worth

Despite the many strides women have made, gender disparities in pay continue to be an issue that prevents women from achieving true equality in the workplace. In this conversation between award-winning journalist Allison Davis (CGS’73, COM’75) and Claire Wasserman (CAS’09), author and founder of Ladies Get Paid, an organization promoting the professional and financial advancement of women, these pioneering alumnae discuss strategies that women—especially women of color—can use to negotiate salaries, combat imposter syndrome, and command what you’re worth.

Acheive a perfect work-life- balance

As women advance in their careers, one of their most significant challenges becomes achieving a work-life balance. Gloria Milner (CAS’68), a life coach for professional women, offers invaluable insights into this work, including identifying the stressors in your life, building strategies to empower you, and learning how to hold yourself accountable. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to work-life balance, but with this presentation, you can start to craft your own plan to achieve balance.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

BU is full of remarkable women from across the globe, who are achieving professional greatness while also empowering the next generations. This international panel of incredible BU alumnae—Nada Farhat (COM’92, Pardee’93), Ivanna Solano (Wheelock’16), Minal Anand (Questrom’13), and Didi Wong (CGS’96, COM’98)—shares stories of the impacts they have made in their communities, the role models who inspired them, the challenges they have faced as professional women, and their wisdom for other women at all career levels.

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