Unicorns, narwhals, and work/life balance: Which of these is real?

Like the Loch Ness Monster, work/life balance is an elusive beast that not many people have actually seen. Sure, mindfulness apps and yoga are great, but how do you achieve a true sense of balance when work emails are coming in 24/7, notifications are constantly dinging in your pocket, and oh yeah—there’s kids to pick up from daycare, aging parents to look after, and dogs to walk at all hours of the day. While it won’t be easy, achieving a work/life balance is possible. In this webinar, members of the Terrier Alumni Parents network discuss their tips and strategies for how you can maintain harmony in your busy life.


Jerasimos ‘Jerry’ Ballas, MD (CAS’00, SPH’02)
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist at UC San Diego Health

Leslie Mikus, (CAS’09, Questrom’17)
Vice President, Talent Leader at MERGE

Reena Vokoun (COM’06)
Founder and CEO of Passion Fit