Three webinars that will help you break the glass ceiling

While great advancements have been made in recent years, many professional women still encounter a “glass ceiling” during their careers. In celebration of Women’s History Month, fellow Terriers share advice to succeed as a woman in the workplace.

Fast track your promotion as a woman leader

When entering the workforce for the first time it can be difficult to understand the unwritten rules that lead to promotions, especially as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Lee Crockett (Questrom’09) walks us through her 4-step system in understanding office politics, evening the playing field, and putting you on the right path to a promotion.

Communicate across the gender divide

Being unable to communicate your message effectively because of gender differences isn’t only personally frustrating, but it can also hinder your professional performance. Amber Nelson (COM’94) delivers a high-energy workshop to bridge the gender communication gap at work. She offers tools and strategies to accelerate your leadership and create a better work environment for everyone.

Learn to close the power gap

Confident women in the workforce are able to articulate their skills and advocate for themselves to achieve sucess. Kathy Caprino (CAS’82) understands the power gaps that can prevent women from rising to the next level and shares strategies to help women take charge and reach their highest potential.