Spring clean your professional career

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to mean decluttering your physical spaces, it can also be an opportunity to reframe your mindset to achieve work-related goals. Fellow Terriers have designed the following webinars to boost professional skills—take a look!

🗂️ Organize your career goals

Feelings of dissatisfaction with your job can be easy to recognize, but it can be difficult to determine the exact things you want to change. Career Coach Laura Berman Fortgang (COM’85) identifies three common roadblocks that prevent people from seeing the next step in their career. This spring, learn how to address and overcome barriers to find satisfaction in your profession.


🧹 Clear your brain

The kitchen isn’t the only thing that needs a deep clean. Your brain needs clarity in order to balance work obligations, family responsibilities, and your social life. Kim Bilawchuk (Wheelock’03) provides ways, for even the most organized person, to slow down to achieve more brain clarity and complete your goals feeling calm and at ease.


📙 Declutter your vocabulary

Our thoughts and beliefs communicated through language can limit our ability to move forward—keeping us stuck in old habits. Kelley Connors (SPH’89) consults communication research that can help you shift your language and eventually your mindset.


📋 Establish a new routine

A thorough “career spring cleaning” is a great opportunity to establish ongoing habits, which can make the next “spring cleaning” even easier. Having the ability to plan and prioritize is essential for achieving professional goals. Stefan Kalt (CAS ’03) walks us through concrete strategies to help you organize your tasks, manage your time, and boost your productivity.