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Cataldo Leone
Cataldo Leone
Dean ad interim, SDM

635 Albany St.
Boston, MA 02118

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September 2021

After more than 20 years on the faculty of Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM), I am honored to take the helm as interim dean. We are fortunate that GSDM has dedicated alumni and generous benefactors as well as committed faculty, staff, students, and residents who will, together, ensure our school’s continuing success. This is a pivotal time for the school, and I invite your support to keep it all moving forward.

With the successful completion of the expansion and renovation building project this summer, we can now turn our attention to other essential needs. First among these is financial aid to recruit and retain outstanding students. That is to say, we’ve built it, and now they must come!

The excellent education provided by GSDM comes with a price tag. As we are all acutely aware, the costs of tuition, fees, and instruments result in a considerable financial commitment for our students and, many times, their parents. The high cost of living in Boston only adds to the financial strain. To be frank, our scholarship funds simply do not measure up to those of our peer institutions. This gap makes it harder to compete for the top applicants regionally and nationally.

I came into the profession at a markedly different time than our young colleagues now. However, my own experiences as a first-generation American and first-generation college graduate have fostered my strong belief that a helping hand earlier leads to a great return on investment later. In this spirit, I kindly ask for your gift to support our financial aid initiative. Any amount will be welcome as it all can make a real difference, both to the students who otherwise would not come to GSDM and to the patients and communities they will ultimately serve.

As the dental profession changes, so too must dental education. New discoveries and technologies drive us into exciting, albeit uncharted, areas. Your generous support will help make it possible for the school to admit the very best students to be taught by faculty of the highest caliber, to learn in our state-of-the-art setting, to develop into dedicated professionals, and to go on to provide outstanding care to their communities.

The success of our school is measured by the support of our proud alumni. GSDM has been fortunate that our graduates have always given back, generously and without question. I ask that you help continue this tradition by visiting bu.edu/give2gsdm today to join your fellow graduates in ensuring that GSDM continues to thrive, innovate, and be a leader in dental education and patient care.


Cataldo Leone, DMD, DMedSc, FACD, FICD
Dean ad interim, Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine