Boston University is open to all—and always has been. From the day the University was chartered in 1869, we have welcomed students of every gender, race, nationality, and creed. We take pride in our history of inclusion. We also acknowledge that the pursuit of equality is never complete.

As part of our 2030 Strategic Plan, the University has committed to becoming an even more diverse and inclusive institution that promotes excellence by providing fair access and opportunities to all faculty, staff, and students. Our senior diversity officer leads this drive.

The senior diversity officer operates at the highest levels of the University, reporting directly to the president and working closely with the Board of Trustees. She looks across the University, identifying barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and speeding the work of removing those barriers.

Meet Andrea L. Taylor

As BU’s inaugural senior diversity officer, Taylor (COM’68) chairs the University’s Antiracism Working Group and connects and supports a broad range of DEI activities.

Her long history with the University—as a BU graduate and a longtime trustee—combined with her professional experience leading social justice efforts uniquely qualify her to lead BU’s DEI efforts.

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“It’s not easy to bring about such a shift as is being proposed in Boston University and the greater society. But I think the time has come.”

— Senior Diversity Officer Andrea  L. Taylor —

BU charter overlays archival photo of A huge crowd gathered at Marsh Plaza on April 5, 1968 for a memorial service for Martin Luther King Jr., the day after he was assassinated.


With the help of campus advisory and working groups, the senior diversity officer is examining BU’s hiring practices, religious observances, safety protocols, and more, with the goal of removing systemic racism and bias.

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