On Campus Opportunities

Below is a list of possible research opportunities for full-time undergraduates at Boston University. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, you should contact the listed faculty mentor directly; we do not have information about the availability of these positions at UROP. Note also that these listings are only opportunities that professors have asked the UROP staff to post.  Therefore, if you do not see anything in your area of interest, we encourage you to contact other professors directly to ask if they have any opportunities available. Often you may find out information about other research opportunities by looking at departmental web pages of faculty or by contacting a given departmental office and asking about research opportunities. To find out more about UROP, go to our home page at www.bu.edu/urop, or you can get there by clicking on “Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program” at the top of this page.

Field Faculty Mentor Project Updated
Accounting Lynn Li view 02/12/14
Archaeology John Marston view 05/21/14
Archaeology Catherine West view 11/13/13
Art History Jodi Cranston view 07/26/13
Art History/Computer Science Jodi Cranston view 07/26/13
Astronomy/Space Physics Carlos Martinis view 02/12/14
Biochemistry/Cell and Molecular Biology Carmela Abraham view 04/28/14
Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Biophysics Assen Marintchev view 02/20/14
Biochemistry/Physiology Asish Saha view 12/09/13
Biology Siobhan Mattison view 07/21/14
Biomedical Engineering Hannah Goldberg view 09/23/13
Business Analytics Justin Ren view 07/21/14
Cancer Biology/Molecular Pharmacology Anurag Singh view 08/14/13
Cancer Research Yan Dai view 05/10/13
Cardiac Development Isabel Dominguez view 01/17/14
Cell Biology/Biochemistry/Pharmacology Zhen Jiang view 12/02/13
Chemistry Xin Chen view 08/18/14
Chinese Language/Computer Science/Education Gabrielle Jones view 08/18/14
Computational Biology/Cancer Genomics Anuragh Singh view 03/19/14
Computational Neuroscience/Medicine Irina Zhdanhova view 08/30/13
Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Heather Walter view 03/04/13
Cognitive Neuroscience Douglas Rosene view 02/15/13
Communication/Media Jacob Groshek view 08/15/14
Computer Science/Bioinformatics Gary Benson view 12/08/13
Computer Science/Cell Biology Margrit Betke view 08/11/14
Computer Science/Disability Studies Margrit Betke view 08/11/14
Computer Science Sharon Goldberg view 02/12/14
Computer Science Swapnil Bhatia view 02/11/14
Computer Science Daniel Kamalic view 02/11/14
Computer Science Eric Braude view 02/15/13
Computer Science Azer Bestavros view 02/15/13
Computer Science Azer Bestavros view 02/15/13
Computer Science Azer Bestavros view 02/15/13
Computer Science/Software Engineering/Biostatistics Paola Sebastiani view 03/18/13
Computer Science/Engineering/Molecular Biology Swapnil Bhatia view 02/03/14
Computer Science/Engineering/Molecular Biology Swapnil Bhatia view 02/10/14
Criminal Justice Mary Ellen Mastrorilli view 08/11/14
Diabetes and Fatty Liver Mengwei Zang view 02/03/14
Diabetes and the Retina Sayon Roy view 08/21/13
Early Childhood Learning and Teaching Julie Dwyer view 08/11/14
Ecology and Global Change Michael Dietze view 08/30/13
Ecology and Global Change Lucy Hutyra view 01/10/13
Economics/History/International Relations/Political Science Samuel Bazzi view 07/25/13
Economics/Innovation Strategy Joshua Krieger view 04/22/14
Economics Keith Ericson view 02/15/13
Education John McCarthy view 04/01/13
Education/Psychology Sarah Novick view 05/29/13
Education/Reading Evelyn Ford-Connors view 02/24/14
Engineering/Electrical Ernst Oberortner view 01/11/13
Endocrinology LuGuang Luo view 02/11/14
Electrical and Computer Engineering Malay Mazumder view 08/30/13
Epidemiology/Infectious Diseases Jessica Leibler view 02/11/14
Epidemiology/Public Health Daniel Brooks view 08/21/14
Film Studies Herbert Golder view 08/30/13
Film and Television Geoffrey Poister view 08/18/14
French Literature Jennifer Row view 11/20/13
Health Services Stephen Davidson view 08/18/14
Human Rights/Bioethics/Holocaust Studies Michael Grodin view 08/12/14
Health Law/Bioethics/Human Rights George Annas view 02/15/13
History Richard Landes view 02/11/14
History John Thornton view 11/13/13
Immunology Bedabrata Sarkar view 02/11/14
Immunology/Obesity Xuemei Zhong view 01/29/14
Immunology/Ophthalmology Andrew Taylor view 08/15/13
Japanese Performance Carrie Preston view 02/12/14
Japanese Studies Sarah Frederick view 08/16/13
Journalism/Public Health Elizabeth Mehren view 02/25/13
Journalism/Global Health/Public Relations Elizabeth Mehren view 11/15/13
Latin American Studies/Film/History Adela Pineda view 02/11/14
Linguistics Catherine O’Connor view 03/18/13
Linguistics/Psychology/Education Devin Kearns view 02/10/14
Management Vijay Kanabar view 08/19/14
Marketing Barbara Bickart view 03/03/14
Mass Communication Patrice Oppliger view 11/18/13
Mathematics/Physics Kon/Levichev/Stachel view 08/10/13
Mathematics/Statistics Emma Previato view 08/19/14
Medicine Suzanne Mitchell view 02/21/14
Medicine Jared Magnani view 07/25/13
Medicine/Cancer/Cardiovascular Signaling and Epigentics Sibaji Sarkar view 07/23/13
Medicine/Informatics/mHealth/Design Devin Mann view 08/19/13
Medicine/OB-GYN Wendy Kuohung view 02/03/14
Medicine/Ophthalmology Vickery Trinkaus-Randall view 02/04/13
Medicine/Religion Anthony Petro view 08/11/14
Medicine/Surgery/Critical Care George Kasotakis view 02/26/14
Modern History Linda Heywood view 08/11/14
Music Richard Bunbury view 02/12/14
Nephrology/Vascular Pathology/Cancer Vipul Chitalia view 11/13/13
Network Security Sharon Goldberg view 03/04/13
Neuro-inspired Robotics Massimiliano Versace view 08/19/14
Neuro-inspired Robotics Massimiliano Versace view 08/19/14
Neurology Andrew Budson view 11/15/13
Neurology Clifford Robbins view 03/11/14
Neuroscience Jenn Segawa view 07/02/14
Neuroscience Dante Smith view 04/04/14
Neuroscience/Pharmacology Valentina Sabino view 04/22/14
Neuroscience/Pharmacology Valentina Sabino view 12/17/12
Neuroscience/Psychology Scott Hayes view 02/22/13
Neuroscience & Neuropharmacology Valentina Sabino view 05/20/13
Occupational Therapy/Medicine Simone Gill view 08/15/14
Occupational Therapy/Social Science Jessica Kramer view 05/20/13
Occupational Therapy/Disability Studies Jessica Kramer view 02/11/13
Opthalmology Haiyan Gong view 08/16/13
Physical Chemistry Binyomin Abrams view 08/30/13
Physics James Rohlf view 03/18/13
Political Science/International Relations Rosella Cappella Zielinski view 08/11/14
Political Science/Computer Science/Statistics Dino Christenson view 08/21/13
Psycholinguistics Catherine Caldwell-Harris view 12/02/13
Psycholinguistics Catherine Caldwell-Harris view 12/02/13
Psycholinguistics Catherine Caldwell-Harris view 08/30/13
Psychology/Education Kathleen Corriveau view 07/08/14
Psychology/Education Sean Flanagan view 12/09/13
Psychology/Education Jennifer Green view 11/25/13
Psychology/Education Devin Kearns view 04/12/13
Psychology/Education Devin Kearns view 04/12/13
Psychology/Computational Neuroscience Arash Yazdanbakhsh view 11/15/13
Psychology Howard Eichenbaum view 08/08/14
Psychology Shannon Wiltsey Stirman view 03/17/14
Psychology Amanda Tarullo view 11/13/13
Psychology Shannon Wiltsey Stirman view 09/05/13
Psychology Howard Eichenbaum view 01/29/13
Psychology Kathleen Corriveau view 04/18/13
Psychology Deborah Kelemen view 02/25/13
Psychology Sandra Japuntich view 08/15/14
Psychology of Groups Catherine Caldwell-Harris view 03/01/14
Public Health/Community-Based Research Lisa Quintiliani view 08/13/14
Public Health Lee Strunin view 08/20/13
Radiology Nadja Kadom view 02/20/14
Religion Michael Zank view 02/15/13
Religion/Theology Bryan Stone view 08/12/14
Russian Literature/Publishing/English Ivan Eubanks view 02/20/13
SMG-Strategy Timothy Simcoe view 07/25/13
Social Work Ruth Paris view 02/20/14
Social Work Ernest Gonzales view 01/17/14
Social Work Astraea Augsberger view 11/15/13
Social Work Deborah Chassler view 09/05/13
Social Work Deborah Chassler view 09/05/13
Social Work Ellen DeVoe view 08/30/13
Social Work Lea Vucig view 02/21/14
Social Work and Addictions Deborah Chassler view 08/30/13
Social Work and Public Health Chris Hahm view 02/11/14
Social Work/Psychology Abby Ross view 11/13/13
Social Work/Psychology Renee Spencer view 02/10/14
Sociology Joseph Harris view 11/25/13
Space Science and Mars Michael Mendillo view 02/03/14
Special Education Zachary Rossetti view 02/20/14
Transnational Immigration/Globalization/China & India Min Ye view 08/20/13
Traumatic Brain Injury William Eldred view 02/11/13
Voice and Speech Science and Technology Cara Stepp view 08/21/14
Zebrafish Genetics/Cancer Therapeutics Hui Feng view 02/20/13