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  • Banking & Financial Services Management (MS)
  • Banking & Financial Law (LLM)
  • Behavior and Health (BS)
  • Behavioral Neuroscience (PhD)
  • Bilingual Education/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (BS, EdM, Grad Cert, CAGS)
  • Biochemistry (PhD, MD/PhD)
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Biotechnology (BA, BA/MA)
  • Bioimaging (MS)
  • Bioinformatics (MS, PhD)
  • Biology CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA, PhD)
  • Biology MET (BS)
  • Biology with a Specialization in Behavioral Biology (BA)
  • Biology with a Specialization in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology & Genetics (BA)
  • Biology with a Specialization in Ecology & Conservation Biology (BA)
  • Biology with a Specialization in Neurobiology (BA)
  • Biology with a Specialization in Quantitative Biology (BA)
  • Biomedical Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD)
  • Biomedical Forensic Sciences (MS)
  • Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences (BS, UND Cert, Bioscience Academy)
  • Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences MET (BS, UND Cert)
  • Biomedical Sciences, Program in (PiBS) (PhD, MD/PhD)
  • Biostatistics GRS (MA, PhD)
  • Biostatistics SPH (MPH)
  • Broadcast Journalism (MS)
  • Business Administration SMG (BS, MBA, PEMBA, MS•MBA)
  • Business Administration & Law SMG/LAW (JD/MBA, JD/MBA—Health Sector Management)
  • Business Administration & Management CAS (minor)
  • Business Administration & Medicine MED/MBA (MD/MBA)
  • Business Continuity, Security & Risk Management MET (MS)
  • Business & Economics Journalism (MS)
  • Film COM (MFA)
  • Film Production COM (MFA)
  • Film & Television CAS (minor)
  • Film & Television Studies COM (BS, MFA)
  • The Mildred A. Flashman Family Therapy Certificate Program (Cert)
  • Forensic Anthropology (MS)
  • French (minor, MA, PhD)
  • French & Linguistics (BA)
  • French Language & Literature (BA/MA, MA, PhD)
  • French Studies (BA)
  • Gastronomy (MLA)
  • Geoarchaeology (MA)
  • Geography (minor)
  • Geography & Environment (MA, PhD)
  • Geography with Specialization in Human Geography (BA)
  • Geography with Specialization in Physical Geography (BA)
  • Geophysics & Planetary Sciences (BA)
  • Genetic Counseling (MS)
  • Genetics & Genomics (PhD, MD/PhD)
  • German (minor)
  • German Language & Literature (BA)
  • Global Development Policy (MA)
  • Global Health & Management SMG/SPH (MBA/MPH)
  • Global Manufacturing (MS)
  • Graphic Design (BFA, MFA)
  • Greek—Ancient (BA, minor)
  • Greek—Modern (minor)
  • Japanese & Linguistics (BA)
  • Japanese Language & Literature (BA, minor)
  • Jewish Studies (minor)
  • Journalism CAS (minor)
  • Journalism COM (BS, MS)
  • Management SMG (PhD)
  • Management & Global Health SMG/SPH (MBA/MPH)
  • Management & Health Policy SMG/SPH (MBA/MPH)
  • Management Studies MET (BS, accelerated degree completion program)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (MEng, MS), (MS/MBA)
  • Marine Science (BA, minor)
  • Mass Communication (MS)
  • Mass Communication & Law (JD/MS)
  • Materials Science & Engineering ( MEng, MS, PhD)
  • Maternal & Child Health (MPH, DrPH)
  • Mathematics (includes Statistics) CAS/GRS (BA, BA/MA, minors, MA, PhD)
  • Mathematics MET (BS)
  • Mathematics & Computer Science CAS (BA)
  • Mathematics Education SED (BS, MAT, EdM, MMT)
  • Mathematics & Mathematics Education CAS (BA)
  • Mathematics & Philosophy CAS (BA)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BS, MEng, MS, PhD)
  • Media Ventures (MS, MBA/MS)
  • Medical Anthropology CAS (minor)
  • Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice (MS)
  • Medical Sciences (MS, Dual-Degree MS)
  • Medical Sciences & Public Health (MS/MPH)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD, MD/PhD)
  • Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA)
  • Doctor of Medicine/Master of Public Health (MD/MPH)
  • Medicine and Public Health (MD/MPH)
  • Medieval Studies (minor)
  • Early Medical School Selection Program (EMSSP)
  • Seven-Year Program of Liberal Arts & Medical Education (BA/MD)
  • Mental Health Counseling & Behavioral Medicine Program (MA, MMS/MHCBM)
  • Microbiology (PhD, MD/PhD)
  • Middle East & North Africa Studies (BA)
  • Modern Foreign Language Education (BS, MAT)
  • Modern Greek (minor)
  • Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC)
  • Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (MA, PhD)
  • Molecular Medicine (PhD, MD/PhD)
  • Museum Education CFA (MA)
  • Museum Studies GRS (GRAD Cert)
  • Music CAS/GRS (BA, minor, MA)
  • Music Education CFA (BM, BM/MM, CAGS, MM, DMA)
  • Music/Musicology GRS(MA/PhD)
  • Musicology CFA (BM, MM)
  • Musicology GRS (PhD
  • Music Performance CFA (AD, PD, BM, BM/MM, MM, DMA, minor)
  • Music Theory CFA (MM)
  • Muslim Cultures (minor)
  • Muslim Societies (minor)
  • Myth Studies (minor)
  • Neuroscience CAS/GRS (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Neuroscience GMS (PhD)
  • Nutrition/Dietetics (MS, DPD)
  • Nutrition & Metabolism (MS, PhD)
  • Nutritional Science (BS)
  • Reading Education (EdM, CAGS)
  • Rehabilitation Sciences (ScD)
  • Religion (BA, BA/MA, minor)
  • Religious & Theological Studies (MA, PhD)
  • Russian (minor)
  • Russian Language & Literature (BA)