Writing Program Faculty

Writing Program faculty are a community of professors, full-time lecturers, part-time lecturers, and graduate students with a variety of specializations and professional interests. Faculty in our WR 100 and WR 150 seminars teach on topics in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

Diane Allenberg

Ash Anderson

Ingrid Anderson

Jay Atkinson

Jura Avizienis

Brandy Barents

Kevin Barents

Heather Barrett

Elizabeth Baxter

Gavin Benke

Carrie Bennett

Amy Bennett-Zendzian

Joseph Bizup

Seth Blumenthal

Allison Blyler

Jessica Bozek

Deborah Breen

Sarah Campbell

Tridha Chatterjee

Aviva Cormier

Justin Cubilo

Caitlin Dalton

Michael Degener

Olga Drepanos

Alex Effgen

Nausheen Eusuf

Pary Fassihi

Martin Fido

Raleigh Finlayson

Frederic Fitts

Maria Gapotchenko

William Giraldi

Stacey Goguen

Alexandra Gold

Theodora Goss

David Green

Sarah Hanselman

Laura Heath

Cynthia Hill

Geoffrey Hill

Aaron Hiltner

Stephen Hodin

Esther Hu

Laurie Hutcheson

Soomin Jwa

Edward Kehoe

Jessica Kent

Lauren Kerby

Somy Kim

Rebecca Kinraide

Benjamin Kochan

Stephanie Kolberg

Gwen Kordonowy

Ha Jung Lee

Joseph Lucas

Diana Lynch

Sarah Madsen Hardy

William Marx

Marie McDonough

Christopher McVey

Liam Meyer

Christina Michaud

Marisa Milanese

Katie Moore

Anandita Mukherji

Samantha Myers

Kate Neilsen

Emma Newcombe

Thomas Oller

Michael O’Mara Shimek

Anna Panszczyk

Travis Parno

James Pasto

Ilaria Patania

Jason Prentice

Joelle Renstrom

Laura Ress

Karen Robbins

Bryan Russo

Holly Schaaf

Rachel Schneider

David Sechrest

David Shawn

Kimberly Shuckra-Gomez

Samuel Shupe

Dean Simpson

Melanie Smith

Joo Hee Suh

Laura Tallon

Jason Tandon

Meghan Tinsley

Thomas Underwood

George Vahamikos

Thomas Villano

Anthony Wallace

Chris Walsh

Lesley Yoder

Matthew Yost

Maria Zlateva

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