Pardee Graduate Council

The Pardee Graduate Council (PGC) is the official graduate student organization of the Pardee School. This vibrant student group organizes a variety of activities to enrich students’ lives, including dinners with faculty members and social events.

Each year in the Spring Semester, the PGC organizes a graduate student conference, centered around a theme chosen by the students.  The conference draws graduate students from the many colleges and universities throughout the Boston area and beyond.

President: Jacob Howe
Vice-President: Laura Al Bast
Social Chair: Yunhan Chen
Treasurer: Mickey West
Secretary: Sutton MacQueen


President: Florian Bodamer
Vice President: Susan Dass
Secretary: Saliha Agha
Treasurer: Earle Pope
GSO Liaison: Jacob Howe 
Social Chair/Member at Large:  Lejla Brackovic


President: Charlott Johansen
Vice President: Tracey Cook
Secretary: William Burkhart
Treasurer: Mariana Echaniz Arciga
GSO Liason: James Souza
Member at Large: Kate Skow


President: Rayner, Kenneth
Vice President: Balla, Alba
Secretary: Brooks, Dan
Treasurer: Morais, Sophia
GSO Liaison: Clarke, Tim
At Large: Vietz, Maria


President: Lacey, Joshua
Vice President: Flesher, Samantha
Secretary: Blanco, Juan
Treasurer: Sherman, Sarah


President: Duffy, Matthew
Vice President: Sherman, Sarah
Secretary: Jenkins, Lisa
Treasurer: Read, Russell
GSO Liaison: Bisa, Sophia


President: Sidelinger, Brett
Vice President: Rad, Ryean
Secretary: Dimas, Catherine
Treasurer: Frink, Amanda
GSO Liaison: Lillquist, Eva


President: Kirkpatrick-Mckee, Sibyl
Vice President: Sherman, Noah
Secretary: Adams, Lael
Treasurer: Michaelan, Patrick
GSO Liaison: Ahmed, Nabeela

Each year, the Pardee Graduate Council convenes an annual research conference focused exclusively on independent student research along a common theme relating to international relations and human progress. Papers are selected via a competitive process and students attend from universities throughout the country.

Conference Themes

2017: “Walls or Bridges? Restructuring for a Better Tomorrow” (Keynote: Prof. Stephen Kinzer, Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs at Brown University)

2016: “Shifting Global Systems?” (Keynote: John Tirman, Executive Director of the MIT Center for International Studies)

2015: “Global Development, Peace, & Security:  Advancing Human Progress” (Keynote: Prof. Anthony Janetos, Director of the Pardee Center)

2013: “Fault Lines & Fragmentation in International Systems” (Keynote: Prof. Timothy Longman)

2012: “The Reallocation of Power in the International System” (Keynote: Prof. Andrew Bacevich)

2011: “Expansion & Contraction of the International Neighborhood” (Keynote: Prof. Stephen Kinzer)