Cuba Spring Break Planned

Havanda Cuba US Relations Ambassador

The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies is pleased to announce that it is offering a Spring 2016 trip to Cuba.

“Experiencing Cuba: History, Culture and Politics” will take place March 5-12. Registration is open at the BU Student Link. The trip will count as one credit.

A joint offering by the Pardee School and the Boston University African American Studies Program, “Experiencing Cuba” will be led by Profs. Linda Heywood and Renata Keller. It follows on last year’s successful Cuba trip – the first organized by BU since the historic normalization of relations between the US and Cuba in December 2014.

“This is a great time to explore Cuba, as the historical process of improving U.S.-Cuban relations is just getting underway,” Keller said. “Students will be able to witness the effects of the rapprochement first-hand, while also learning about many other aspects of Cuba’s history and its current place in the world.”

Some of the offerings planned for “Experiencing Cuba” include:

  • Visits to the University of Havana as well as cultural exchange with Cuban university students
  • Informational exchange on Cuban health care with doctors and nurses
  • Visits to the Angolan Embassy and ICAP
  • Exclusive artistic and cultural events

For a complete listing of activities, click here.

Students wishing to obtain more information on the “Experiencing Cuba” program should email Deirdre James.