Access Policy & Hours

Current Hours –¬†May 13 to August 27 Hours

Access Policy

The BU School of Law Libraries are open to all Boston University students, faculty, staff, and alumni until 8pm. The Law Complex has a card swipe entry system in place from 8pm to 11pm for the law school community. To maintain a quiet environment during examination periods, law library access is limited to Boston University law students and other Boston University researchers who require our legal collections and Boston University alumni during that period. Users who need assistance to access or retrieve materials from the law library collections should visit or contact the Fineman circulation desk located on the second floor of the Law School at 765 Commonwealth Ave, 617/353-3151. For additional questions about law library access, please contact the library staff, 617/353-3151,

Restricted Access Policy

To maintain a quiet atmosphere during examination periods, access to the Pappas Reading Room and Mezzanine is limited to law students only. Group study rooms and study carrels are also reserved for the exclusive use of the law school community. Non-law users are welcome to use common areas, including the Fineman Reading Room on the third floor of the library.

Non-law BU students, and other Boston University researchers, including BU law alumni may use the Pappas Reading Room and Mezzanine only when actively using materials designated library use only from the law collection that are not otherwise available in another format or location. Non-law BU students must be actively using library use only law materials that are not otherwise available in another format or location for the purpose of completing a specific, required assignment for a class in which the student is currently enrolled. Users are respectfully requested to use online versions of law materials where available during the Restricted Access period. Reference and Circulation staff are happy to help you identify online versions and direct you to a publicly accessible computer. Non-law BU students and other Boston University Researchers, including law alumni needing access to the library to use library use only items must complete a law library access form. For additional information on Restricted Access please see our FAQ.


Writing Competition, Commencement Weekend & Summer Hours

Reserve Area & Pappas Reading Room
Sat., 5/13…..10am to 6pm
Sun., 5/14…..12nn to 8pm
Mon., 5/15……9am to 7pm
Tue., 5/16……9am to 7pm
Wed., 5/17……9am to 7pm
Thu., 5/18……9am to 7pm
Fri., 5/19……9am to 7pm
Sat., 5/20…..10am to 6pm
Sun., 5/21…..12nn to 8pm

3rd floor and Mezzanine
Sat., 5/13……9:45am to 5:45pm
Sun., 5/14…..11:45am to 7:45pm
Mon., 5/15……8:45am to 6:45pm
Tue., 5/16……8:45am to 6:45pm
Wed., 5/17……8:45am to 6:45pm
Thu., 5/18……8:45am to 6:45pm
Fri., 5/19……8:45am to 6:45pm
Sat., 5/20……9:45am to 5:45pm
Sun., 5/21…..11:45am to 7:45pm

Reserve Area & Pappas Reading Room
Mondays…..9am to 6pm
Tuesdays….9am to 6pm
Wednesdays..9am to 6pm
Thursdays…9am to 6pm
Fridays…..9am to 5pm
Saturdays & Sundays closed

3rd floor and Mezzanine
Mondays…..8:45am to 5:45pm
Tuesdays….8:45am to 5:45pm
Wednesdays..8:45am to 5:45pm
Thursdays…8:45am to 5:45pm
Fridays…..8:45am to 4:45pm
Saturdays & Sundays closed