Animals on Campus

Dogs and other pets or animals will be permitted on University property outside of buildings if they are on a leash or otherwise under physical restraint so that the rights and safety of pedestrians are safeguarded.

Dogs and other pets or animals will be permitted inside University buildings only when they are authorized for instructional or laboratory use, or when they are trained guide dogs for the blind and deaf. These rules apply to all offices and academic buildings of the University.

In University residences, you are not permitted to have any pet or animal (such as a fish, bird, white laboratory rat), with the exception of trained guide dogs for the blind and deaf, which require the prior permission from Housing. Students who bring pets or animals into the residences are subject to disciplinary action.

8 Comments on Animals on Campus

  • There are two dogs that are consistently inside the science building, unleashed and barking.

  • Thank you for letting us know. We will work with the Science Building on the report.

  • Dear Boston University,
    Please consider updating your service animal policy at because there are many disabilities other than deafness and blindness which benefit from the assistance of a service or support animal. Moreover the ADA’s protection for service animals is expansive and but your current policy suggests that psychiatric service animals do not have the right to accompany their owners as a public accomodation.
    Happy invisible disability week!

  • I have a documented long standing diagnosis of severe social anxiety disorder. Would I be allowed to have my service dog with me in class? Not a pet. A trained service dog for my condition

  • Hi Teresa –
    Service animal cases go through our Disability Services office. You can contact them at 617-353-3658 or

  • Hi Ariel –

    This part of the policy is one currently being examined very closely. Thank you for your note. We have sent it along to those working on the matter.


  • Incredible insensitivity that the school thinks only deafness and blindness are legitimate disabilities! There are service dogs for all kinds of disabilities and impairments. Limiting the type of tasking the dog is blatant discrimination. Shame on you.

  • Laura – Thank you for your input. The University recognizes a wide range of disabilities, and has allowed service animals in cases of disabilities outside of deafness and blindness. The wording of this particular policy is currently being examined, but we encourage anyone who needs a service animal to contact our Disability Services office and make the request. If you have any further concerns regarding this, I encourage you to email our office or Disability Services.

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