Tuition & Fees

The cost of attendance is an estimate of the total cost of attending the School of Law during the nine-month academic year, including tuition, fees, and an allowance for living expenses. The cost of attendance is also the maximum amount of financial aid students may receive, including University scholarships, student loans, resident assistantships, work-study, and any aid from other outside sources.

2023–2024 Cost of Attendance—JD Students (1L and 2L) and Full-time, Residential LLM Students

Tuition and Fees Living Expenses
Tuition $63,606 Books and Supplies $1,462
Student Fees $1,414 Housing and Food $15,450
Transportation $1,120
Personal Expenses $3,292
Direct Loan Fees $204
Total $86,548

The law school in-absentia fee is $6,361.

2023–2024 Cost of Attendance—JD Students (3L)

Tuition and Fees Living Expenses
Tuition $63,606 Books and Supplies $1,462
Student Fees $1,414 Housing and Food $15,450
Transportation $1,120
Personal Expenses $3,292
Bar Exam Fee $816
Direct Loan Fees $204
Total $87,364

Bar Exam Fee

Starting with the 2023-24 academic year, BU Law will include the bar exam fee in the standard cost of attendance for all 3L’s. New federal regulations require that schools include the cost of an exam in the cost of attendance for programs that require a professional licensure to enter the profession. Contact the LAW Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about the Bar Exam Fee.

  • This is not a fee charged by BU or the School of Law.
  • Students are not required to borrow to cover this amount.
  • We can adjust the cost of attendance to include an additional amount for a bar exam fee that is greater than this year’s amount. We can include the total amount if you are taking more than one bar exam.
  • We cannot include the bar exam fee a second time if you use these funds for other expenses before you pay your bar exam fee.

Tuition and Fees LLM and other Graduate Programs

For students attending the LLM, other Masters degree and Graduate Certificate programs online or on a part-time basis at the School of Law, view the information here.

Adjusting the Student Budget

The student budget includes standard education-related expenses that most students incur. We understand that some students may have expenses higher than the standard budget.

The law school’s Financial Aid Office will work with you to determine if you have expenses that may be added to the student budget according to federal regulations and University policy, but are not included in the standard budget. You will find additional information, as well as the 2023-24 Budget Increase Request Form, in the Financial Planning section of our website.

Methods of Payment

Students who will be paying all or a portion of their tuition using their own resources will find payment instructions from BU’s Student Accounting Services office.

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all students enrolled on at least a ¾ basis to have health insurance. Students may waive SHIP coverage offered through Boston University if their own insurance meets the requirements. For additional information on the requirements and instructions for waiving SHIP, visit the Student Health Services  website.

Boston University offers students a choice of two health insurance plans:

  • SHIP Basic Plan—The standard plan, automatically charged to your student account unless you waive it or choose the Student Plus Plan
  • SHIP Plus Plan—A more comprehensive plan offering additional coverage; you must request this plan

Sports Pass

Boston University automatically charges all full-time students the Sports Pass fee. The Sports Pass allows students admission to all home games for BU ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer. You may waive this fee online through the Student Link.