Firearms & Dangerous Substances

Firearms, explosives, fireworks, chemicals, projectile devices, and other dangerous substances, articles, and weapons are strictly prohibited in and around University residences and elsewhere on campus.

Under state law, only law enforcement officers may carry firearms on campus. In addition to state law and University regulations banning firearms on campus, a Massachusetts state law imposes a one-year mandatory jail sentence for carrying any gun without the necessary Firearms Identification Card (FID) or a License to Carry a Firearm obtained from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Fire Department forbids use or storage of toxic and flammable materials in the residences. Consequently, materials such as cleaning solvents, gasoline, kerosene, and the like are prohibited.

Mace and Pepper Spray

Possession of mace or pepper spray by any student on University property (even by those licensed to carry pepper spray through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) is strictly prohibited

Weapons in Residences

Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited in residences. Included in this category are studded wrist bands, nunchakus, all firearms, mace, pepper spray, replica weapons, paintball guns, and blades.

Also included is any object which normally would not be considered a weapon, but by alteration, modification, or redesign would be readily recognized or considered as such by any reasonable and prudent person.

Students will face severe disciplinary consequences for violations of this policy. Firearms, fireworks, explosives, chemicals, and dangerous weapons are not permitted in University residences.

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