In a clinic, students are supervised by full-time faculty in casework or projects. Students in a practicum are supervised by part-time faculty who are experienced Boston-area attorneys. Practicums generally offer fewer credits than clinics and require a lower time commitment. All clinics have a class component to accompany the fieldwork. Recognizing that acquiring professional skills and values in a real-world context is an essential component of legal education, BU Law guarantees every interested JD student at least one clinical opportunity during his or her second or third year of law school. Due to space limitations, clinics and practicums are primarily reserved for students in our JD program, though in rare instances an LLM student may be permitted to enroll. Contact the Clinical & Experiential Programs Office (Suite 1304) at 617-353-3131 or email



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  • Full Year

    BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic

    The BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic (SILC) is a free and confidential legal service for students at MIT and BU who seek legal assistance related to their research, advocacy, and creative projects.

  • Full Year & One semester

    Civil Litigation & Justice Program

    The Civil Litigation & Justice Program gives students the opportunity to use their lawyering skills in a diverse array of courtrooms.

  • One semester

    Compassionate Release Practicum

    In this practicum, students will engage in the direct representation of terminally ill and/or permanently incapacitated prisoners not otherwise entitled to counsel.

  • One semester

    Compliance Policy Clinic

    Explore the impact of legal and regulatory compliance on business operations, legal norms underlying compliance, and the role of ethics in regulatory and compliance practice.

  • One semester

    Consumer Debt Practicum

    A 2-credit clinical course that will teach trial practice skills and substantive consumer law to JD students through both fieldwork and seminars.

  • Full Year

    Criminal Law Clinical Program

    Learn first-hand what it means to be a criminal law attorney by formulating trial strategy, filing pretrial motions, participating in plea bargaining, trying cases and making sentencing arguments.

  • One semester

    Environmental Law Practicum

    Complete an environmental-law related legal project for a Boston-based environmental law organization, with topics such as clean energy, water regulation, and environmental justice.

  • One semester

    Health Justice Practicum

    Health Justice Practicum students will address the interplay of law, policy, health systems, social identity, and health inequities.

  • Full Year

    Immigrants’ Rights & Human Trafficking Program

    Students learn practical legal skills while providing pro bono representation to vulnerable non-citizens facing deportation and survivors of human trafficking.

  • Full Year

    International Human Rights Clinic

    Work for global and regional human rights while representing non-governmental organizations and group clients from all parts of the world.

  • One semester

    Legislative Policy & Drafting Clinic

    During this one-semester program, students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of law-making bodies through a combination of classwork and fieldwork.

  • One semester

    Mental Health Litigation Practicum

    The Mental Health Litigation Practicum provides representation for persons allegedly living with mental illness who are facing commitment and involuntary treatment petitions.

  • One semester

    Wrongful Convictions Practicum

    Students have an opportunity to help individuals who claim an unjust result after either a trial or guilty plea, and who need assistance from the legal community in investigating and developing their claims for presentation in the courts.