Simulation Courses

Practice the skills of professional attorneys in class.

Through a simulation course, students develop lawyering skills by participating in practice-based exercises in which they perform the legal tasks required to effectively represent a client in the type of dispute or transaction being simulated or with respect to the type of legal issue being researched.  The instructors evaluate student performance and provide feedback so that students may improve from one exercise to the next.  It is the essence of learning-by-doing.

Students begin their simulation-based learning 1L year through the Lawyering Program. During their 2L and 3L years, students may continue their practice-based learning through a range of offerings. Our simulation offerings for 2022-23 include:

In addition, our Transactional Law Program offers Contract Drafting (LAW JD 788), a foundational simulation course that teaches students to draft, analyze and negotiate contracts in various transactional contexts, and the following more advanced transaction-based simulation courses: