Services for Law Part-Time Faculty: Access to Licensed Databases

Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law Access

Part-time faculty members are provided access to Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law for educational purposes related to the teaching of courses at the law school.   Please contact Stefanie Weigmann (; x8-4997) to obtain a Lexis, Westlaw and/or Bloomberg Law password. 

New part-time faculty may receive passwords for course preparation up to three months prior to the start of their class (June for fall courses, September for spring courses). 

Other Licensed Databases

The library licenses resources from hundreds of providers.  Most resources are available to part-time faculty for class preparation and instruction.  An alphabetical list of databases and subject guides to electronic resources provide access to products licensed by the law school.  For non-legal materials, the University maintains direction on how to Find the Full Text of Articles.

The majority of these databases may be accessed by part-time faculty by using their BU email login (username and Kerberos password).  Please consult Section 10 (Web and Tech) of the Part-Time Faculty Handbook for information on how to obtain an account.

Use the links from the library web pages to access these resources as they allow you to authenticate with your BU email login.   

Electronic Journals

The University licenses over 37,000 electronic journals, many in PDF format.  These journals may be retrieved from any location via the Internet using a BU email login.