About the Libraries

The Law Libraries and staff provide law students with extensive research services and study facilities.  The library entrance is on the 2nd floor of the Law Complex. The main circulation desk, reserve collections and the reference desk are located near the entrance. The Pappas Reading Room is accessed through this entrance as well. The third floor of the library has additional reading rooms, library instructional classrooms and a MyPrint area. The Law Annex in the basement of Mugar Library houses legal treatises, as well as foreign and international legal materials, and provides additional study space. 

Accessing Collections

Users who need assistance to access or retrieve materials from the law library collections should visit or contact the circulation desk located on the second floor of the Law School at 765 Commonwealth Ave, 617/353-3151.

Legal Information Librarians

The legal information librarians are available to help students with research. They are all lawyers as well as librarians. They provide tours and orientations, teach legal research instructional classes, offer individual research consultations with students, and provide daily research assistance from the reference desk at the library entrance and online by chat and email. One of the most popular programs is the Certification Program in the spring which teaches advanced research skills.

Library Website

The library's website includes information on library services, research training, and collections, plus numerous research guides with links to the most useful licensed products and websites for electronic research. The library’s collections include over a million volumes in print and digital formats and an extensive collection of electronic resources for legal and interdisciplinary research including Lexis Advance, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law, BNA Premier, and interactive materials from the Center for Computer-Aided Legal Instruction (CALI). Through consortial arrangements with other schools, the library provides interlibrary loan service for titles not available in the Boston University libraries.


Computers are available in the Pappas Reading Room, Instructional Classrooms 335 and 336 and in the Law Annex. These computers offer a variety of software supporting law school study.  A wireless network is available throughout the libraries and the law complex. Printing via MyPrint and Scanning are available within the library.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available to current law students.

Food and Drink Policies

The Samuel M. Fineman Law Library and the Pappas Law Library want to provide all patrons with a comfortable and welcoming study environment.

Library users who consume food or drinks in the law library must do so in a manner that maintains a clean, safe library and that minimizes the risk of damage to library books, equipment and other property.

We allow beverage consumption in the law library so long as beverages are in containers with tops, lids, or caps.

We allow "judicious” food consumption in the library. Please use good judgment and be respectful and considerate of other patrons when consuming food in the library. Patrons may not consume hot, noisy, strong-smelling, or messy foods in any area of the law library; such items should be taken to the Law Cafe.

The law library staff reserves the right to require that a patron consume food outside of the library if that patron’s food consumption is disturbing the study environment for other library patrons. Failure to comply may result in loss of library privileges or other disciplinary action.

Please discard all wrappers and empty containers, clean up after yourself, and report any food or beverage spills to library staff so that we can alert our maintenance crews.

Smoking Policies

Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the Samuel M. Fineman Law Library and the Pappas Law Library in compliance with the Boston Public Health Commission’s Clean Air Works Workplace Smoking Restrictions.

Patrons of the law library should be aware that Boston University has a campus-wide smoking ban, which prohibits smoking in all Boston University facilities. This policy applies to the law school and violations of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Alcohol & Illegal Substances Policies

We adhere to Boston University Alcohol and Illegal Substances Policies.  

updated: Apr 2016